"All right, all right, I got it."

Chloe changed into some casual clothes and went out, also wearing a pair of sunglasses and a baseball cap, which made her look sporty.

For her, such attire was convenient for a disguise to track and investigation!

On the road outside the Shallow Bay, a black Aston Martin was parked on one side. Inside it, Zayn was making a phone call.

You don't have to care about those reporters. I will go there this afternoon and arrange a channel for Bishop Limited's products."

As soon as he hung up the phone, a BMW 7 came over Swoosh!

It quickly passed by him.

Zayn was shocked. He turned around and said ,"...Chloe?"

The car just now had its windows down. He could vaguely see that the woman inside looked like Chloe.

Ever since Chloe was rescued from the prison and left him with a lot of trouble, there was no news about her.

Moreover, after the land that Ali Enterprises was eyeing on was taken away by Emperor,Chloe even called him gloatingly. But the phone call that night was too short, so Zayn didn't have the time to find the address of the caller.

Looking at the car just now, Zayn called his assistant. "Do you have any news on Chloe ?"

"Not yet, Sir," said the assistant. "We checked her line when she called you last time, and we're sure that she is still in City, but we don't know exactly where she's located."

Zayn's hands, which were resting on the steering wheel, slowly tightened and smiled dangerously. "Is that so? She's still in City?"

After hanging up the phone, he immediately turned the car around and chased after the BMW that had just left.

But when he tried to catch up to it with a speed of 160 km/h, he could not see the car anymore.

Outside Shallow Bay.

Chloe's car was parked on a small road.

watched Zayn's

bastard would have

documents, it was quicker to go out from the main road

In the Emperor.

Aman frowned and


"Chloe?" Aman frowned.

Madam insisted on sending the

phone and called Chloe. "Chloe, you can play

delay your meeting!" Chloe shouted on the phone. "I ran into Zayn when I came out of Shallow Bay. Luckily, I realized pretty quickly... and avoided him.

a moment and hung

it's almost time for the meeting. Do you still have

"I can explain the contents of today's

to pick Chloe at the door

John nodded. "Yes, President."

right when Aman and his two bodyguards were coming

and got out of the car. The bodyguard came over and said, "Miss Bishop, President has already gone to the meeting. You don't

looked at the documents in her

glanced behind her, but there seemed to be no car or anyone following her. They nodded to Chloe and said, "Miss Bishop, please go inside and

other side of the Emperor, journalists of the two commerce newspapers were stopped

the other elites of the Emperor were well known in the business world, and

manager of your project promised to accept our interview two days ago." A female reporter said, "Why do you suddenly refuse the appointment now?

a new change in the project. President is going to reevaluate the project at the meeting today,

other reporter with the biplane on one shoulder was

a figure who had been invited in by the two

entered the building, went to the 68th floor, and sat in the CEO's office, thinking about how to investigate

secretary brought her a cup of coffee. "Miss Bishop, here's your coffee. It will

"Got it."

After the secretery left.

than ten minutes after Chloe sat down, she

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