"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone about you!"

Zoya said with sincerity, "But you have to do me a favor."

Chloe nodded and said, "Well... you can tell me."

"I want you to interview the general manager of the Emperor. He canceled our interview. You must help me persuade him to do this interview."

Chloe looked at Aman's spacious office.

"Alright, I'll give it a try."

After hanging up.

Chloe sighed, but she didn't know anyone here!

She had come over to check if there were any women or men surrounding Aman in company... but since Zoya was here, she should help Zoya first.

She opened the door and poked her head out to ask about a secretary outside. "Erm, hello. May I ask..."

"Miss Bishop, please tell me." The secretary stood up immediately. She seemed to know that their president liked Miss Bishop very much, so she was very respectful to her.

Chloe thought for a moment and asked, "Who is the general manager of the Emperor?"

"At the headquarters?" The secretary said sweetly, "Miss Bishop, the general manager of the project is surnamed Yang. He is now having a meeting with President "

He was also in a meeting. Chloe nodded and said, "Thank you." She withdrew from the door. Aman worked efficiently.

An important decision was made in the meeting of the Emperor, and it was also decided in the one-hour meeting.

After the meeting, Chloe came out of the CEO's office and walked toward the conference room Elites in suits and ties walked out of the conference room one after another with the report in their hands.

Chloe was waiting quietly on the side and making a phone call. "Zoya, the secretary here said that the manager is going out later. I'm waiting outside the conference room... What does that person look like?"

and said, "He's tall, with a big back

As soon as she

walking out, standing at the door of

red dress with hips. She twirled her hair from time to time, showing off

to Aman, who smiled and took it over


suddenly widened-Aman was

the front walked over. Aman was elegant and noble and he said, "It's my

she inviting him to? Making an appointment? Chloe,

gentleman." The woman smiled charmingly. She walked very close to Aman and rubbed her chest against his arm as if nothing had happened. "Thank you

the phone.

looked at the backs of the two people who were walking to the elevator. She gritted

"Ah! The manager has come

up the phone, Chloe followed

Outside the Emperor.

was waiting for Aman

in the car. My secretary

woman was shocked and immediately turned around to hold his arm. "Oh, President , no, you just agreed

arm away in a gentlemanly way and said, "Miss Dior, I'm sorry. I still have

John, "John,

that this was a boss's daughter, which was why she had the opportunity to directly approach Aman with the excuse of

them who were elites and stars and wanted to find Aman in the Emperor, and John was not

Dior, please get in the car." John opened

reluctance, Dior bit her

call to

secretary again and asked,

, Miss Bishop just put down the

Aman creased his brow.

"Chloe went home already?"

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