Chloe Bishop sweated, "..

"His first gossip girl... what the hell?"

"I thought that Aman was an impassive gay and no one could touch the president of the Emperor. It turned out that the man had such a friendly aspect. He would help others when he saw the injustice. Good! I feel that his image will be more prominent than ever...."

Listening to Zoya's words, Chloe looked at herself...

"Sure enough... do they all think that I'm not good enough for Aman?"

Humph, but he took the initiative to marry her!

She was also very beautiful, wasn't she?

"Chloe!" Zoya shouted like a lion.

"Ah?" Chloe recovered from her anger.

"What's wrong?"

"But didn't you go to the Emperor yesterday to find your secretly married husband? Why did you go to the 'Dejor Luxury Club'?"

"Ah?" Chloe recalled that Zoya saw her yesterday when she went to the Emperor. "I... I followed him to the Dejor. I thought he had a mistress outside."

"What? A mistress?" Zoya shouted immediately, "He had an affair just after he married you! Chloe, divorce him now!"

"No, no, no." Chloe quickly explained, "I said I thought so. In fact, I misunderstood."

"Watch closely. Men are like the cats - natural sleek hunters."


After hanging up the phone,

Chloe finally let out a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Zoya did not suspect that the man who married her was Aman...

However, how could she watch closely? She and Aman had a premarital agreement, so they couldn't control each other.

followed President to Dejor. That's why you met Aman? Then Aman saw that his subordinate's wife has been bullied by that Dior and decided to lend a helping

Chloe replied 3 dots.

a good reasoning! Finally, she had

pay more attention to him. If he dares to cheat on you, I will

Zoya's enthusiasm, but she couldn't

could only


Chloe took a look


phone. "You... call me?" "If I don't call you, who

not believe it. "Me? I'm

Chloe was confused.

Aman would only return to Ninth Dragon

he never called her directly, let alone took her out to have dinner. She didn't expect

was so shocked that she even forgot to be angry

going out for dinner with you?" She said in a shaking voice, "but can we? What if

restrict your actions, Aman said. "In a while, John will go pick

"Aman!" Chloe was anxious.

"What's wrong?"

night, did you do

the phone

didn't quite understand what

and looked around. The cloakroom seemed

shoes and hats of big international brands, such as LV,Chanel, Versace, and

dress of Burberry and a pair of pointed

went back to the room and applied a little lipstick of Givenchy

of the mirror and looked at herself. "Well,

her look elegant and noble, and her skin

"It's just hair..."

to her shoulders and remembered that Aman had told her that long

to curl the ends of her hair a little, making it more fluffy and cute.

on the door and asked,

"Ok, ok, I'm coming."

Aman invited her out for a meal, she was still rather

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