Aman glanced at her and said nothing. He picked up the glass of water in front of him.

His long eyelashes hung down slightly. The pair of brown eyes below looked very elegant during the day, but they looked particularly deep at night.

"Your phone call just now..." Chloe Bishop heard that he was paying attention to the situation of Ali Enterprises and Bishop Limited, and she was a little surprised. "Are you asking people to keep an eye on Zayn Ali? Why do you do that?"

"Because I promised you that I would avenge you."

Aman smiled faintly, and his brown eyes reflected the slightly surprised expression of Chloe.

Looking at the perfect man sitting in front of her and listening to his gentle tone, Chloe didn't dare to say a word and lowered her head to drink water.

The waitress quickly pushed the cart up and opened the bottle of La Romanee Conti of 1982, which cost more than one million yuan. She wrapped the bottle with white cloth and poured both Chloe and Aman a glass of wine.

Chloe wanted to say that she didn't need...

But in such an elegant atmosphere, if she said that she didn't want wine, wouldn't it be very awkward?

In the end, she raised her face and smiled. "Really? It turns out that you still remember it. I thought you've forgotten about it."

"I won't forget what I've promised."

Chloe didn't want to drink, because she was afraid of messing things up after drinking, but looking at such expensive wine in front of her...

"It's a pity not to drink this wine!"

"Really? It seems that I was wrong to blame you." She took a sip. "For example, after we got married, you achieved your purpose of giving the Family an explanation. Then you don't have to spend time caring about me."

"Oh?" He raised his goblet and looked at the woman opposite him. "Am I the kind of person in your eyes?"

Chloe did not speak, but said in her mind.

rooms at normal times after we got married, but didn't

is regarded as an apology for what happened last night. You should know a

himself from touching her for the whole night, especially

wife kissed him back like

"Temptation?" Chloe was stunned.


She... is

since you invited me to dinner today and you took care of me last night, I forgive you for what happened last

Chloe. "Forgive?

face, he

him while eating, "Well, I remember yesterday you said you also bought a gift for me? Where is the

already used it

was stunned. "Ah? Have I used it? What is

very harmonious and the atmosphere was

half a bottle of wine left after the meal. Chloe looked at it and said, "That... It's too wasteful. If you don't want to drink it, I'll help you

thing is not in line

didn't expect Aman to pick up the suit jacket and smile gently. "Don't


comforted her. "Let's go. If you like the

, have you had a good meal with Young Madam? Should we go back to Shallow Bay

do you want to go?" Aman looked at the time and asked Chloe. "I have spare time tonight,

and said, "Then I'll go to the bathroom

the corridor of the hotel, Dior

Aman and Chloe?

next to

went in another

the bathroom on the 20th floor

the most

with flowers

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