"Manager Henry, don't worry."

Chloe clapped her hand on Henry Manager's shoulder and said with great emotion and solemnity, "When the 'lilly' company begins to run, you will be the vice president in the future!"

It was just like giving an ambassador in advance an affirmation of the founding of the country.

Manager Henry was greatly frightened. "Miss Chloe, you're too serious. I'm paid. This is what should do. In short, the location of the 'lilly' company has been decided. I've asked a master to calculate that this office building is the best location in this area nearby. It's being renovated and it will take about a few months. The personnel department has already been set up. At present, they will focus on hiring and looking for relevant talents to join the 'Lilly' company..."

"Well." Chloe nodded heavily. "Thank you for your hard work. When the company starts, the first thing I will do is to give you a raise!"

"Thank you, Ms. Chloe." Manager Henry was extremely respectful to this Mrs. Aman. "You are too busy in developing products. I understand, so you don't have to worry about the company. I will keep an eye on you all the way and report the situation to you regularly."

Chloe eyebrows twitched unnaturally, feeling very sorry.

In fact, she was busy dealing with something with Aman most of her time.

She really didn't have much time in the studio.

"Ahem." Chloe coughed twice and nodded. "Well, now the promotion of perfume has been completed. I've registered the patent. When the second one comes out, let's announce the matter of 'lilly' company to the public."

"That's right. I think so too. In this way, it can also play an advertisement effect..."

After talking with Manager Henry for a while, Chloe looked outside.

Aman was answering the phone in the corridor outside the office building.

John didn't come out with him today, because she and Aman directly came out of the Giant Villa. Aman hadn't gone to sheng Group today.

Thinking that Aman specially asked Manager Henry to open a company for her, Chloe looked back at the beautiful office building, and her heart was surging again. It was indeed a good thing!

"Well, Manager Henry, go ahead." Chloe said, "I'll come and see today. If there is any situation in the future, just call me and tell me. If there is a problem of spending money, you don't have to find Aman people. This is my company. I will pay you!"

Manager Henry paused for a moment, then looked back at Aman who was outside and nodded. "Okay, okay, okay."

Seeing that Manager Henry was busy again, Chloe was very emotional. She even had to supervise the company's decoration by herself. What a good manager!

"It's you who let me see a flower bloom in the dry desert. It's you who wants me to write you a love song every day..." A warm bell rang.

Chloe picked up the phone. "Hello?" "What happened?" Zoya burst out a deafening roar on the phone.


Chloe took a breath of cold air to prevent her hearing from being deaf, so she took the phone a little farther away.

"Don't shout like that, okay?" Chloe said, "Just think about my ears. It's too bad for me to be deaf at such a young age, isn't it?"

"What happened after left the Hall of 'Curse' during the day yesterday? heard some news from the reporters that Miss Nangong went to the hospital again? And Nangong Yen, the ruler of the Nangong family, also came to City? I used to shoot the man at the airport when I was in the reporter newspaper. Now the media world is

missed 100

Don't make me anxious." Zoya said, "I'm confused now. One day has passed. Why is that man

and the story was described too long. She thought for a moment and said, "Well, Nangong cardong fell from the rooftop last night and went to the hospital. In order to let her leave, I asked someone to contact

voice was full of horror. "Last time, he was hit by a car accident.

had to admire Zoya's imagination. "Yes, she just jumped by herself. That's

when left yesterday, I said that I was worried about what she would do. Very good,

ordinary people don't have the

how about jumping down? Are

"He is smart. There is just a tree below. When he finally fell to the ground, heard that his

"What the f**k."

What a hateful thing.

raised her eyebrows. "Do you know where I am now? I am in the office building

time before your company opens." Zoya said, "Miss Nangong

Aman outside. "As long as Aman believes me, it will be fine. Besides, did they say that I pushed her so that I pushed her? I can also say that she jumped down

media about this Nangong family and Miss Nangong. No matter how well

Nangong cardong woke up from the hospital... Indeed, the Nangong family would not

Zoya said, "Did you hear that? Anyway,

came to her senses and said, "Okay, thank

you think we

fist. "By then, I'll give you a big red envelope for your trip, Chief

"No way?"

red envelope. I thought of the

phone was hung up in

was in a mess. Hey, hey, don't compare


to comfort his friend's hard

out, Aman also

John?" Chloe blinked her eyes. "If there's something wrong with your company, let's go there now. I'll

John." Aman hung up the phone.


Chloe nodded.

it?" Aman glanced at this brand

very much. It's a

"That's fine."

she asked, "You have such a good relationship with Ragib... Besides, I see that you have cooperation with

she always felt that Ragib always

he was also one of the most powerful soldiers. It

could see her doubts from Chloe eyes. Aman said,

only a few words

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