Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 3: Uncontrollable hatred

"It hurts..." Although the bed was covered with a thick blanket, Lauren still had the feeling that her whole body was falling apart.

"Lauren, don't pretend to be pathetic, I, Matthew, don't believe you." His demonic voice came from above her head, causing Lauren to shiver with cold.

"Because you're a slut and I think you're dirty" He sent Lauren from heaven to hell with just a few words." Please me, let me know if the mistress I bought with money is worth that price or not." Matthew suddenly withdrew from Lauren's body and then lay beside her. He had a smile on his face but he was like a ferocious wolf opening his long bloody teeth to eat her up.

"I didn't sell myself, you gave that money voluntarily."


Matthew suddenly laughed.

that, it was your slut mother who sold you to

pair of scissors stabbed into Lauren's heart. A fact that she could never let go of for the rest of her life, her own mother, who had personally pushed her into the arms of this demon, made her tortured by him, made her suffer endlessly, and made her life worse

raise her, just took the money from the sale of her daughter and seduced men everywhere. Her mother was living happily with those men every day, while

me as a slut, then I

a slut? Today I'll show you

on Matthew's face. Although this expression, made her heart ache, she forced herself to ignore it. Until she felt that the kiss was enough, she moved away

Matthew, but I sense that

at Matthew with

scalp caused her to shed tears

gave Matthew a

again, you have refreshed my perception of you." Matthew's words were like knives stabbing hard at Lauren's heart, hurting so much that it choked

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