Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 4: Interrupted Intimacy

At 7 p.m., Lauren arrived at the banquet on time, wearing a white strapless evening gown, revealing her sexy collarbones and a high-cut design, exposing her long, slender legs.

Lauren kept looking at the diamond-set watch on her wrist. The party had already started, but Matthew hadn't shown up yet. This made Lauren very anxious because she knew that Ito, the client, hated people who were not on time.

Just as she was about to go in alone, a sports car pulled up in front of Lauren at a very fast speed. Faced with such a speed, Lauren's face did not change, still wearing a smile that fascinates men.

"Lauren, long time no see, several years no see, you still beautiful and make men fascinated."

This voice made Lauren, who had a calm face, shivered. Why? Why did this woman appear here?

Lauren forced herself to look up, although prepared, when she saw Matthew and Jennifer Gu standing in front of her, she still subconsciously took several steps backward. The things that had happened to make her suffer were all coming back to her mind at this moment.

"Lauren, are you okay?" Seeing Lauren's reaction, Jennifer pretended to be concerned about her. She walked towards Lauren from Matthew's arms and then reached out to touch Lauren's face.


Faced with Jennifer's hands suddenly reaching out, Lauren's face paled in fear and she took several steps backward. Such an abnormal reaction made Matthew, who had been paying attention to her, suspicious.

"Are you okay?"

Matthew walked towards Lauren, then took her hand, only to find that her hand was very cold. He felt a little guilty, if he hadn't been late, maybe she wouldn't be so cold now.

concern for Lauren, Jennifer's heart was filled with resentment, but she still had a charming smile on her face. She took

already started, and my dad will be anxious if

around Jennifer's slender waist, and walked into

suddenly she felt a wave of vertigo. She thought

while, and only after she felt her body was stable did she walk towards the hall, but she overestimated her body's ability to

and waited for the pain of the fall, knowing that, in her

occur. She opened her eyes and found that she was being held tightly in the arms of a man. The

me? If so, it would be a surprise to

did not notice that this intimate pose of theirs

up, of course I'm here. I was planning to look for you in a few days, but I didn't expect to meet you at the banquet today, that's probably

a successful and gentlemanly man, he is on par with Matthew,

didn't want Joshua to know that her male companion had gone in first with his

Lauren did not want to talk about it,

I, a good friend for many

a smile on her face. She gently placed her hand in Joshua's and walked into the venue. Their

figures of Matthew and Jennifer. The man's handsome side and the woman's white skin made Lauren's heart feel

are you okay?" Joshua noticed Lauren's expression and he was a little


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