Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 5: Seducing the important client Ito

Jennifer's slender waist clung to Matthew's body until Matthew ended the kiss and then he came to Lauren's side.

"Don't look at me with such eyes, it will make me think that you are jealous." Looking at Lauren's anger-filled eyes, Matthew's face was covered with the standard dandy's smile.

Lauren looked up and shook off Matthew's hand on her waist with force.

"Matthew, you are too confident, as a woman will definitely have jealous expressions, I do too, but please remember, I will be jealous, but you, Matthew, will never be the man who makes me feel jealous, you don't deserve it!"

Because of Lauren's words, his originally calm face was now filled with anger, and his hands directly choked Lauren's neck.

"Do you believe that I can break your neck right now."

Faced with such a threat, Lauren's heart did not fluctuate, and she smiled faintly.

"I do believe it, but to be killed by you, it is also a debt of sorts for what my mother once did to you and your mother, but Matthew, you seem to be forgetting where you are now. I can tell you that there are several reporters around right now, and the cameras in their hands are aimed where we are. You can choke me to death, but I believe that tomorrow the stock of Yin's enterprise will go down at a rate that you can't imagine. Don't forget, your family business is the thing your mother cares most about."

Faced with Lauren's calm words, Matthew not only did not get angry, but his face raised a weird smile, he let go of his hand, then put his arm around Lauren's waist, he pulled her into his arms with force.

"Lauren, if I fucked you here and now, what do you think the newspapers would write about tomorrow? The sexy secretary used her status, in public, to seduce her boss in exchange for the position of the CEO's wife. Isn't that a very attractive headline?"

"You ......"

instantly turned pale. Miserable white without

"Matthew, you're a demon."

a moment, I'll show you what a real demon will

the way there, Lauren kept struggling, she wanted to get rid of the hand

was unsuccessful after several attempts, so she chose to give up, and she was just

it's good to

Ito immediately came in front of him

greeted Matthew, Ito's eyes were glued to Lauren's body. Such naked eyes made Lauren very uncomfortable. She also subconsciously

Matthew pulled her directly

you forget, let me remind you that you have only one purpose, and that is to handle this Ito for me, and then let him

and heartless words made her heart, which was originally in pain, go numb now. She could no longer feel any

already dirty, I don't care about another man." She

we have the chance to work together in the future so Lauren can see you every

also had a smile on her face and cast a provocative gaze in Matthew's direction. Such a gaze made Matthew couldn't help but clench his hands together, the veins on the back of his hands

the sexy Lauren, a lecherous

so much under your leadership." Ito said complimentary words, but

anger in Matthew's eyes even more lush. He gave Lauren a hard stare, but Lauren simply ignored his gaze. Instead, she took Ito's hand and went to the sofa

me pour you a drink, you should drink happily today, after all, this is our first meeting. I have great admiration

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