Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 6: Forced to take an aphrodisiac

She didn't know if Matthew did it on purpose, or if he didn't see it, he actually ignored Lauren's look for help. He didn't have any reaction.

Looking at Lauren who had a fearful face, Matthew's face raised a gloating smile, but his eyes were looking like Ito, then filled with coldness.

"Ito, you've gone too far." Watching Ito recklessly put his hand between her legs, Lauren finally lost control, she picked up the wine glass on the table and knocked it directly at Ito's head, blood mixed with the wine in the glass, flowing down from his head.

Ito's face turned pale.

"Bitch, how dare you!" He waved his hand, and several bodyguards in the room, quickly surrounded Lauren and Matthew.

Even though Matthew was facing such danger, his face remained unchanged. His face still wore a smile that was unreadable.

"Matthew, if you don't want to carry my body back tonight, save me!"

She looked at the few men approaching her with great fear. Although she knew some fighting skills, she had no chance of winning against these strong men.

"Lauren, you ruined my business, do you think I will save you? On the contrary, they are helping me to punish you."

Damn, how dare you challenge my bottom line, if I don't let you get punishment today, you will never know that I am your master, your man!

"You ......" Matthew's cold words sent Lauren into despair, and her originally pale face now became even paler.

"Miss Li, I'm sorry."

Several men surrounded Lauren in the middle, and two of them carried Lauren in the direction of Ito. Although Lauren tried to struggle, her strength was pathetically small for these strong men. Her resistance was to no avail.

Lauren cried out, "Ito, what are you

him, but instead of that, things went more smoothly than he thought, and instead of stopping, Matthew sent

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chin and gently stroked it with his hand. The touch

your dirty hands off me

"Resist?" Ito laughed.

willing to be my mistress, I guarantee you'll have plenty of money to spend in the future and you won't have to

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as long as you drink this, I guarantee that from

at the bright red liquid, the fear in Lauren's

save me, I'll bite my tongue to

guessed it already, and his hands directly clasped Lauren's chin, forcing her to let go of the teeth biting her

you bite it off, right? And tonight, I am in

she could react, he gave her

erotically licked back and forth on his lips a few

Li's taste is really fascinating to me. Tonight, I really have to thank CEO Yin, if he hadn't sent Miss Li


on the ground, and he raised his eyebrows with a fierce look in his eyes. He slowly

for you to


Ito laughed out loud.

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