Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 7: Deliverance

"Miss Lee, this place is too chaotic for us to promote our relationship, let's go to the inside room." Ito ignored Lauren's struggle, he took her wrist and headed for the inside suite.

"No, let go of me, let me go, please, please ......."

Lauren struggled hard, but the reaction that appeared in her body told her that she couldn't hold on any longer. Her pleading eyes, which were filled with tears, turned to Matthew who was fighting with the bodyguards.

Although Matthew's fighting skills were good, he was trapped by several strong bodyguards at the same time, even if he was very good, in a short time, he could not defeat them, which made him very anxious, especially seeing that, Lauren was being pulled towards the room by that disgusting man. He was now in a sense of crisis, and he never felt that such a sense of crisis would appear to him.

With this sense of crisis, his strokes became more vicious, hitting the bodyguards in the joints every time. But he knew that he was only one person, and in a short time, he would not be able to get rid of the bodyguards and then go to save Lauren.

"Ito, let me go or I ......"

The drug in her body was making her more and more unable to control herself, and even the threatening words she uttered were tinged with sensuality. Such a seductive Lauren made Ito even more excited and aroused.

He picked up Lauren straight away, walked into the bedroom and threw her down hard on the big bed.

Although Lauren's reaction was quick to get up from the bed, Ito's reaction was even quicker. He pressed his fat body against hers, tightly, just as she was getting up. He untied his tie with one hand, then used it to bind Lauren's struggling hands to the top of her head. And her feet were tied to each side of the bedpost.

Ito looked at Lauren who could not move, his wicked face, a smile of satisfaction, he was in no hurry to fuck Lauren. he sat down in front of Lauren and looked at Lauren whose face was becoming redder and redder. his hands slowly kneaded Lauren's body.

"No ...... don't" the tears on Lauren's face grew as she kept tugging at her bound hands, wishing she could get the tie off.

Maybe Ito was not tied too firmly, or maybe God didn't want to see the beautiful woman ruined by a jerk like Ito. After a few struggles, the tie was untied!

Lauren used her hands to block her breasts. She looked up and found Ito undressing. So she quickly went to undo the chains on her feet and ran for the door.

chance to escape?" Ito pulled Lauren by her hair and pulled her hard into his arms, then his hands started rubbing her

the gown she was wearing, about to be ripped by Ito. Lauren's


scream of pain as Lauren


face, her

dare you hit me!" Lauren couldn't tell if

that she

consequences of angering me." His grim smile and

same time, to prevent Lauren from biting her tongue, he found another towel and stuffed it directly into her mouth. After he did that, he directly


skin tone turned Ito on instantly, and

he stopped it too late. Don't expect him to save you either, he must have been beaten up by my bodyguards by now and can't stand up. Hahahaha, he dares to become an

took off his clothes and then lay on top of Lauren's body. His mouth started kissing

feel desperate. To make matters worse, the drug in her body

Ito lifted Lauren's chin.

Don't worry, tonight, I will make you happy. I can't resist

She looked at Ito, who

disappear. She opened her

saw Matthew's fist hitting Ito's face

touch my woman? I'll beat you to

this moment. Ito was beaten


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