Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 8: Rewarding his woman to his subordinate

"Ah, hmm."

Matthew had just walked into the room when Lauren's voice reached his ears, and he suppressed his emotions as he walked up to Lauren.

"Matthew, you have no humanity."

Faced with her sudden accusation, Matthew's mood, in an instant, turned bad.

He lifted Lauren's chin with his hand.

"Lauren, don't forget, I saved you from that pervert, if I didn't save you, you would have been raped by that pervert by now."

Lauren laughed coldly. She propped up her somewhat weak body, then sat up from the bed as she gazed at Matthew.

"Matthew, you should also not forget that I will be in such trouble with the contribution of you, you are the one who sent me to Ito, if I am raped by him, I promise, I will drag you with me even if I go to hell."

The smile on Lauren's face completely disappeared, and she roared at Matthew. She could never forget the feeling of Ito's disgusting hands, touching her body.

"You're blaming me for this?" Matthew's hand began to slowly increase in force, and an immediate pain came from her jaw. But Lauren still looked at Matthew with a stubborn face, and there was no fear of cowardice on her face.

what your mother used to do? What she did was even more despicable than what I did. In this life, you can only be a

......" Her originally flushed face suddenly turned

just your slave, why did you save me? You could have not saved me and made me be his mistress, so that I could have signed a few more contracts for

lifted Lauren's

to get out of bed, but she was too weak to

Begging me? If you beg me, I might agree to save you because you've done it for me for 3 years. Otherwise, you put me in a bad mood and I might just give you to another man. I'm sure a few

"Matthew, you're threatening me?"


Matthew laughed out loud.

If you beg me, I promise I'll make you comfortable right away. If you don't beg me, I can't guarantee that I won't give you to

with anger, and the image of his mother's tragic death kept appearing in his mind. Back then, just like the situation now, his mother was also fed with aphrodisiacs so that his mother would be bullied by other men. His mother chose to die to face all

drugged her was no other than Lauren's mom

made Ito and I enemies, and even if you begged me, I would not let you go. Let me tell you, I can't forgive your mother for everything she

a smile appeared on his face. He sat in front of her like an eagle admiring the pointless struggle

looked at him with tears streaming down her face. She didn't know what to do now. She thought of the image of Matthew's mother's tragic death. That image she could never forget. Tears of sorrow spurted out like a spring, her beautiful eyes now filled

Matthew feel heartbroken, but the image of his mother's tragic death came to his mind once again. He couldn't forget the blood underneath his mom and the despair on her face as she was tortured by men. He instantly felt that suffocating pain and humiliation again,

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