Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 12: Mother's Insults

Matthew looked at Lauren, the coldness and cruelty on his face suddenly replaced by a piece of gentleness. But the mockery in his eyes was becoming more and more obvious.

He restarted the car, and then as fast as he could, he returned to the villa.

"Get out of the car and remember, don't forget your duty, you're just a servant, a woman who lets me solve my physical needs."

Matthew roughly pulled Lauren out of the car, he completely ignored his action whether it would make Lauren get hurt.

Lauren let out a bitter laugh as the contempt in Matthew's eyes was not disguised in any way. His expression was also full of sarcasm.

"Don't worry, I understand my duty and status, but let me remind you that you should not vent your desire anytime and anywhere, otherwise, your fiancée will see it. She'll get angry."

After saying that, Lauren swatted Matthew's hand away forcefully. She ignored his face that became bad and walked towards the courtyard alone.

Even though her mother didn't like her, Lauren knocked on the door of her room first.

"Come in."

The two short words hid a great deal of anger, and she could guess how angry her mother was at the moment just by the sound of her voice.

She sighed softly, then took a few deep breaths before she pushed open the door to her room and walked in.

"Mom, how are you doing? Is the headache better now?"

Her concern for Lisa turned out to be mockery in Lisa's ears.

the bed, stood up directly when she saw Lauren, rushed to Lauren's

many times, Lauren still couldn't get used to it, and her face

you actually let a bitch show off in front of me, do you know that now the

she could only suffer in silence, because she

had scolded enough, she

"Mom, what is this?"

box in Lisa's hand, and she

smile appeared on Lisa's

is put it in the coffee he drinks at night, and after one night, you'll be pregnant with his child. Once you

smart, she knows that with her ability, she can't win Matthew. But Lauren is different. Although Matthew hates

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is medicine in here

like her, she didn't expect

I guarantee that he will immediately become inseparable from you,

I won't do that, mom, if I did, Matthew would hate me even more. I can't use such

the box in her hand straight to the

or do you want to rebel against me and not value me as you mother anymore. If I had known you would become what you are today, I shouldn't have given birth to you in the

suddenly squatted on the

looked at her mother who was sitting on the floor, pretending to cry, and her heart was only helpless. She had seen such a scene countless times before, and she knew that her mother was pretending, but in her heart, she would always be intolerant. So, she

the future. In the future, I will pay the money directly to your

pulled into his arms by

to do? Aren't you afraid your fiancée

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