Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 13: Boiling Hot Coffee Poured on the Back of the Hand

Matthew gently kissed Anne on the cheek.

"She's just a maid, but she has no shame, she intended to seduce me, and I was just punishing her. You don't have to put her in your mind at all."

His short sentence, however, hit Lauren like a bolt from the blue, it turned out that she was just a maid in his heart, and a maid who had no shame and tried to seduce him. He was obviously pushing her to hell.

"She's seducing you, why don't we fire her?"

Matthew shook his head, a fierce glint on his cold face, the chill radiating from his eyes making him look like the evil Satan.

"I can't get rid of her because he's the one I brought in to take care of you. She is at your disposal. You can do as you please with her, and I guarantee that she won't dare to resist."

Matthew's whole being exuded a demonic aura.


Anne's innocent face quickly appeared a trace of viciousness, but the expression was extremely well hidden, Matthew did not notice, but was clearly seen by Lauren.

Matthew nodded his head.

"Okay, what's your name?"

Anne turned her wheelchair and came to Lauren's side. Although she was smiling, there was no smile in her eyes.

"My name is Lauren Lee."

"You, make me a cup of coffee, I want to drink hot coffee now."

When Anne finished, she continued to turn her wheelchair to Matthew's side.

"Matthew, let's go to the living room couch. I want you to watch TV with me, is that okay?" Anne spoke in a doe-eyed cute tone, her big beautiful eyes displaying her intense love for him.

confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her


my side, and then let you be my wife." He kissed Anne's red lips tenderly and then he walked towards the living room, he didn't look at all at Lauren who was standing next to him

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cold voice came from the living room, and

out of this villa?" Lisa, who had been eavesdropping at the door, she never heard Lauren leave, so she hurried

cried out loudly in

to find any reason, don't worry, mommy will be

a hot cup of coffee from the pantry,

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who put down her coffee and

Matthew's eyes became as fierce as a hawk's, and

and her red lips lifted into a bitter smile

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"On your knees?"

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forget who you are, you're just a servant, please remember who

eyes displayed a chill that scared

those people who don't have bad intentions to make trouble

care about this slut. She's just a lover of my father who has

his eyes were filled with contempt. The

she was furiously pale, but she did not dare to have any resistance, she could only take out her anger with Lauren beside her. She pinched Lauren's arms with both hands, and Lauren could only bite her

eyes flash with dissatisfaction. His face took on an

say that this woman is the mother of this maid? That is,

"Stepmother?" Matthew laughed contemptuously.

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