Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 14: Punishment for insult

"Anne, did you do that on purpose?"

Matthew lifted his head as he looked at Anne, his sure tone of voice surface he had guessed everything.

Anne faced Matthew's eyes that knew everything, she was a little weak, but she didn't have any fear, she knew Matthew wouldn't do anything bad to her.

"Matthew, how could I have done it on purpose? You know, since I lost any sensation in my legs to save you a few years ago. The doctor also said that my hands have not fully recovered yet either, that's why I didn't have the strength to hold this cup of coffee just now, I didn't do it on purpose. Does this woman hold a very important place in your heart? So important that you have begun to have doubts about your fiancée?"

Anne's expression was very cold, making him unable to see any emotion.

"Lily, take me back to my room, I don't want to stay here to be annoying." Anne instructed Lily, the maid who had been taking care of her, to have Lily push her wheelchair and escort her out of the living room.

"Go to your room." Matthew's icy voice rang out and was accompanied by a commanding presence that made people obey.

Lauren froze, the pain in her hand making her temporarily forget to react in any way, and her reaction to this filled Matthew's face with helplessness.

He stood up, took Lauren's wrist and walked towards his room. Although his action was rude, he was careful to avoid the blood blisters on the back of Lauren's hand.

"Why don't you duck?"

He went back to his room and he pushed Lauren straight down on the big bed as he questioned seriously.

"I could have ducked this time, but what about next time? The next time I may be punished more severely. If there will be greater pain later, you might as well give up your resistance now."

Lauren's tone was very calm, and her face was devoid of any expression.

you deliberately

icy eyes, then his fingers suddenly pressed towards the blood bubble on


out a scream from

I'll make you

attitude of not dodging caused the anger Matthew had been suppressing to ignite instantly. His eyes were filled with anger and his powerful aura made her feel a

look at him. She was forced to look into Matthew's murderous eyes, her eyes flashed with sadness, clear tears who ran

of her hand kept dripping down onto the white sheets, forming flakes of blood on top


take care of that woman, I was already ready to be punished. Why do you need to

Lauren's face made Matthew's anger more apparent, his face's appeared without a


"I don't ......"

head, but her action made Matthew even more cruel. Matthew's hand on her chin increased in

filled Lauren's heart with coldness, leaving her with a feeling of pain that made her unable to breathe. The corners of her mouth

a 'hiss', Matthew ripped the clothes off Lauren's body with one hand. The coolness on her body made Lauren notice her situation,

body was instantly on top of Lauren's, and the corners of Lauren's mouth lifted in another

have your mark on me? Matthew, is it only when I die that you will give up all the hatred in your heart and spare


laughed out

you, even if you die, I will make your mother worse than life and death, if you choose to die, I will immediately make your mother worse than life and death. And I will treat her twice as badly

slender hands gently trailed down to Lauren's slender

die? I'll give you a taste of what it's like when death

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