Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 15: Torturing Yourself

Lauren simply smeared a layer of powder on the back of her hand before she put on the clothes on the floor and left Matthew's room.


She had just stepped out of the room when a slap with the wind of a palm hit Lauren's face fiercely.

Lauren, who was unprepared, couldn't bear the strong force, and she hit the armrest of the room door at once, and blood immediately flowed from her brow bone.

"I'm telling you, don't seduce Matthew, or I won't let you go."

The woman's threat made Lauren raise her eyes, she looked at Anne in front of her, a bitter smile crossed her face.

"Anne, if you had confidence, you wouldn't treat me like this, for Matthew, I don't have any interest, you'd better make sure your man doesn't seduce me, or you won't be able to be Matthew's woman in your life."

Lauren's calm voice made Anne's even angrier.

"It seems I underestimated you, Lauren Lee, you really are as good at seducing men as your mother, do you want to be a real slut like your mother?"

Anne's sneer made Lauren's pale face turn ugly all of a sudden, she raised her right hand and hit Anne's face fiercely.

"You ...... you dare to hit me?"

Anne, who has always lived in love, she has never been aggrieved by anything, she covered her cheek that was hit with pain and looked at Lauren incredulously.

"Remember, don't insult my mother, even if my mother has done something wrong, it's not your turn to insult her, you just need to mind your man, don't be here to show off your demonstration with me when your man is snatched away by others."

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