Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 16: A gift from her lover makes him jealous

"Matthew, are you doubting me? Would I be a woman who randomly talks nonsense about others?" The beautiful eyes filled with tears once again.

She closed her sexy lips tightly, giving the impression that she was suffering from a lot of aggression.

A dangerous curve appeared at the corner of Matthew's mouth.

"You are my fiancée, how could I not trust you? About this matter, I will give you a satisfactory result. Let me take you to the kitchen, I believe that woman is in the kitchen right now."

Although there was a wheelchair beside her, Matthew still picked up Anne and walked in the direction of the kitchen. All along the way, the corners of Anne's mouth kept rising, her face beaming with happiness.

"Lauren, why did you say those insulting words about Anne?"

He gently put Anne on a chair in the dining room, then he came to Lauren's side who was working. He questioned her sternly.

Lauren, who didn't know he was coming in, was startled by his sudden appearance, and the kitchen knife in her hand cut her finger at once. Blood instantly flowed on the counter.

She immediately put the bleeding finger in her mouth. Her bright eyes were filled with nothing but shock, an unconcealable surprise and panic.

"What the hell are you talking about? I didn't say anything to insult your fiancée."

"You're lying."

Anne slapped her hands heavily on the dining room table.

"Lauren, you said outside Matthew's room that I was a useless woman, that I was a wreck, that I was a woman who would never make Matthew happy in any way. Yes, I am a crippled woman, but that doesn't affect my love for Matthew! Do you know how much these taunts of yours make my heart ache?"

hand had been tightly covering her chest, her face was full of pain, and her already tender

"I didn't."

something she hadn't done, but the look in Matthew's eyes still made

voice was cold and low, exuding an air

it's yours, why is it in Anne's hands? You're just a servant, how dare you

give it

Matthew's hand, made Lauren blush, too disregard her injured hand and lunged towards Matthew's body in a panic, she wanted to take the earring in

to the floor, the back of her injured hand hitting the hard chair at once, the pain instantly

to get up from the floor as she lunged in Matthew's direction

to me. I can apologize to your woman for something I didn't do, I just beg you, give this back to me. Anything you want me

Lauren knew she couldn't snatch it back from Matthew's hand, so she just kept praying to

gave you this. Why do you take it so seriously?" He had seen this earring on Lauren's ear before, only Matthew

made him suspicious. His intuition told him that this earring must be very important to Lauren. Could it

there was this possibility, Matthew's whole body exuded an aura that

A woman would only be this protective of something given to her by the man she

ignited the jealousy in Matthew's heart that

hooked her chin forcing her to meet his

unease. Still, she stubbornly lifted her head and forced her to

Adam Ouyang give

Matthew's mouth. He didn't know why he was so angry when he thought of this possibility, he just wanted to destroy the

from the man they love, a woman will protect what

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