Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 17: Sold by Mom for $30 million

Lauren was woken up by scolding and incessant shaking.

As soon as she opened her eyes, all that came to her ears was Lisa's scolding without any concern.

"Mom, you ......"

Lauren struggled to sit up from the bed and leaned on the head of the bed, she looked at Lisa who was scolding loudly at her with a puzzled expression.

"You piece of trash, you've actually ruined my plans time and time again, I'm going to strangle you today so you'll never be a problem for me again."

Lisa's hands, mercilessly and viciously pinched on Lauren's arms, thighs .....

Lauren really wanted to dodge, but her weak body made it impossible for her to react, and she could only passively let Lisa's hands land on various parts of her body.

It was only when Lisa's hands were sore that she stopped them, but her face was still covered with dissatisfaction and undisguised anger.

Lauren shook her head, though there was no mirror, though she could feel that the wound on her forehead should be finished being bandaged. The back of her hand and fingers were also wrapped in white gauze.

"Mom, are you really my real mother? Are you sure that I am your own? Why can't I feel any affection in your body? Why do I feel nothing but endless torture and inhuman abuse in your body?"

Her beautiful eyes lost their flexibility and anger, and were replaced by sorrow and pain.

"Damn girl, how dare you speak to mother like that, you are simply looking for death." Lisa's hands, once again, struck hard at Lauren's face.

Lauren used all her strength to let her dodge Lisa's slap. Lisa, who did not hit Lauren, was filled with anger as her hands once again struck at Lauren's body.

"Lisa, you better drop your hands or I will immediately send someone to throw you out of the villa."

mid-air, to take a long time before withdrawing her own hands and resting her gaze on Matthew's body

room, and all the wounds on her body are caused by you.

made Lauren's face, turn even paler, if she could choose, she would rather be an orphan, a fatherless orphan, at least to live in this world with dignity,

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Matthew suddenly laughed out loud. "Your daughter is only worth five million in your

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Lisa's mouth rose

as long as you give me five million, I can give you this woman

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million in your own mother's eyes. And she's going to take the five

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her wounded eyes, she looked closely at Lisa, a painful expression passed over

on Lauren's face, Lisa's heart, actually crossed a touch of hurt. But once she thought that five million could allow her to

as long as Matthew gave me the money, I could send you to his bed unconditionally, after all, Matthew is a man

eyes and let the crystal tears flow down

you twenty million dollars to move out

give me twenty

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twenty million into your bank account, but you'll have to sign an agreement never to appear

give up my blood relationship with her, and I can guarantee that I will never appear in front

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