Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 18: Death? No way, don't even think about it

"I beg you, don't destroy this earring, I beg you."

Lauren struggled to wrest her spiritual pillar from Matthew's hands. But she neglected her weak body, and her whole body, along with the quilt, fell straight to the floor. Her pale cheek hit hard on the hard floor.

Not caring about the pain on her face, Lauren removed the quilt that had been wrapped around her body and struggled to get up from the floor. She jumped into Matthew's arms and reached out her hand but took his earring that was raised in mid-air.

"I ask you, where is the other earring? Say, you know I have no patience."

His dark eyes were showing her the most dangerous scent.

"I won't tell you."

"Not tell me?" Matthew burst into a wild laugh. "If you don't tell me, I promise to destroy this earring immediately so you'll never be able to see it again."

Lauren drew in a breath of cold air, she knew Matthew's character all too well, once he decided something, there was nothing anyone could do to make him change it.

"The other one is in Adam's hands." There was no way, Lauren, who could not lie, still told the whereabouts of the other earring.

This answer, Matthew can no longer suppress the anger in his body, instantly exploded, his strong body directly on Lauren's body.

"Don't you forget that your mother sold you to me? You are now my slave, you are now at my disposal."

Matthew coldly hooked his thin and sexy lips as he forcefully tore the clothes directly off Lauren's body. The coolness of her body made Lauren realize what she was getting into.

"No ...... don't ......."

the more Matthew wanted to conquer her. He casually threw

found the earrings,

push Matthew away from her body, and then she crawled in

the ground with his whole body. But when

were filled with a bloodthirsty

quickly rushed to Lauren's front, pulled her by her hair, and pulled

makes you stay so much, just a worthless earring can also make you show such a happy smile. Okay, you forced me to do this, Lauren, I will show you the pain of falling in

Lauren's right hand that was clenched in a fist,

earring she held so dearly, then watched as he threw it down

"No. ......"

face, she rushed to the window and watched helplessly as the earring fell

to be so

filled with tears and also with resentment

now that your Adam is not here, or I will let him know what will happen if he steals a woman from me. I will make him live a life worse than death from now on, I will slowly torture him to make him completely dead to you, I will let him see with his

and these

spitting them out. You will die in misery, and you will

made Lauren casually pick up something

at him, but not the vase that Lauren threw at his forehead again, blood flowing

brought this on

on Matthew's head made him unable to restrain the anger in his heart any longer, and he rushed to Lauren's front, sending half of her

of more than

me! Let me fall to my death!" Lauren gave up all struggle and let her body slowly slide downward. She felt her feet were about to slide to the edge of the window, but was pulled

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