Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 19: Perverted Brother-Sister Love

Watching Lily walk into her room, Anne lifted her eyes.

"Did he still walk out of that woman's room?"

Lily nodded.

"Damn Lauren, how dare you ruin my chance to be with Matthew over and over again." Anne's hands clenched together, her long nails stabbing hard into her palms as she let the pain soak through her body.

"Miss, you must think of a way, or this woman will always be a barrier between you and Matthew, or we'll be ruthless and just kill her so she can never be a barrier between you two again."

Lily said viciously.

"Lily, when did you become so cruel?"

Lily's words made Anne's face sink, and an icy sinisterness flashed through her beautiful eyes. She couldn't help but angrily rebuke Lily, Anne wouldn't allow anyone to be cruel over her, especially the woman beside her.

Under Anne's icy gaze, Lily's face turned pale with fright and she knelt down in front of Anne at once.

"Miss, Lily knows it's wrong, you don't punish Lily, Lily will never say such things again."

Lily kept kneeling on the ground and kowtowing.

Looking at Lily kneeling in front of her, Anne's eyes were cold, and her body emitted an ice-cold aura.

"Lily, you are not qualified to give me ideas and help me make decisions? Do you want to try my means of punishing people?"

"No. ..... No, Miss, Lily didn't mean that, Lily is just a servant, how would she have the guts to question Miss's decision?"

Anne snorted coldly.

better have self-awareness, don't let me punish you, I will never forgive lightly for those who sabotage my plan, I can use my ability


nodding, her whole body trembling

up, I want to rest for a while. You can come and call me

got up from the floor, picked up Anne who was sitting on the wheelchair, and

bed, did not feel the slightest bit sleepy, thinking that Matthew had been having

heart made her mind flash through several ways to get rid

a reason to kill Lauren, she wanted to erase Lauren from Matthew's heart completely, only

suddenly sat up from the bed, picked up the cell phone placed at the bedside, and

the phone rang, Leo picked

you remember to call your brother? Did you have a good time this time? There must be a lot of happiness on your face when you are

his baby sister, full of expecting to hear his sister's happy laughter, but he

has always been protective of his sister,

cry, tell brother, what happened in the end? Did

of sobbing all

hurriedly picked up the car keys by his side and drove towards Matthew's villa at

maid just

he had jumped out of the car and headed straight for Anne's

tell brother,

arms and cried loudly and

became even more anxious, but he didn't rush to ask her

can tell your brother what happened. To make Anne, who underwent

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