Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 20: Drowned by the pool water

Facing Anne who was in front of him, Lauren's face was expressionless.

"Please get out of the way."

"Lauren, I'm warning you, stay away from Matthew and don't ruin my sister's happiness, or else ......"

"Or else what?" A sarcastic smile appeared on Lauren's face.

"Or you will kill me? Leo, don't think I don't know, last time you lifted the aphrodisiac from my body, but you also made me suffer in bed for three days, so I won't give you any chance to hurt me again,"

Lauren's attitude was very tough, she had a feeling that Leo would appear in front of her when she knew that Anne had arrived at the villa.

"Where do you plan to go?"

Lauren's assertiveness was a bit of a surprise to Anne, so he changed his tactics.

"Where I go has nothing to do with you, Leo, I'm not your sister, you don't have to put your so-called concern on me, where I'm going, I don't need to report to you."

After saying that, Lauren pushed aside Anne Zhou in front of her and walked outside.

"Miss Li, where are you going?"

Lauren had just walked out of the door of the hall when a bodyguard with sunglasses stopped in front of her.

"I want to walk in the courtyard, can't I. Matthew only told me not to go out of the villa. But he didn't tell you to stop me from walking around the courtyard, right?"

Lauren looked at the bodyguard in front of her mockingly.

invitation and

straight towards the pool, not noticing, in her anxiety, Leo, who had been following closely behind

Lauren took off her shoes and jumped into the pool, looking for the earrings that Matthew had thrown

is very clear, but in such a large pool, looking for a small earring, really

or she won't have that opportunity again next time. Maybe Matthew will have someone lock

behind him, had guessed what she was up to. He already knew about the earrings from his baby

of Leo's mouth raised a wry smile, took out the

the man Lauren loved and destroy herself

call, returned to the villa as quickly

"Where is she?"

anger radiating around him,


that this thing, in her mind, is really too important, otherwise she wouldn't have bothered to stay

faked a glance at the

there was not a trace of temperature, you could see the

paying attention to Leo and

you better come out now, or I will immediately let you drown here and never come out

finding her earrings below. Suddenly, she heard a roar from Matthew. The momentary shock made her swallow several mouthfuls of water at once, choking her, and she immediately looked up

at the edge of the pool with an angry look on his face, Lauren froze on the spot and her body fell

water, the water instantly soaked into her body, choking her half a day

poolside for half a day, felt that something was not quite right when he didn't see Lauren, and his anxiety and fear instantly soaked into her

did not expect that Matthew would make such a reaction, which gave him a shock, it seems that this Lauren in Matthew's

had fallen to the bottom of the pool. He hurriedly swam to Lauren's side, fished her

die. No one can take you

put Lauren down flat and helped her do artificial respiration, trying to squeeze out the water she

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