Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 21: Drugging the Porridge

"Miss Li, why are you out? Your body is still so weak, going outside in the sun will hurt your body." Seeing the somewhat pale Lauren walking towards the outside. Jane, who was cleaning the hall, hurriedly came to her, with concern on her face.

Lauren smiled lightly.

"Jane, I'm fine, I just want to check out the pool, I promise I'll be over in a minute."

"Are you looking for that earring?"

"How did you know about the earrings? Did Matthew tell you about it?"

Jane shook her head.

"It wasn't Matthew who told us, it was Anne's maid who said it, and she said something very nasty, that you are a woman who is gentle on the outside but very flirtatious on the inside, that you are a slut like Lisa, but even if you go to the pool you won't see anything. Because Matthew had the pool filled in."

"Filled it in?" Lauren was stunned and her body swayed a little. So he could never find his earring again? He and Adam would never have anything to think about again?

At the thought of this possibility, Lauren's weak body, unable to bear the blow, fell towards the sofa beside her.

"Miss Lee, are you all right?" Jane's face pale with fear, rushed to Lauren's front, although Matthew's attitude towards Miss Li is very bad, but they can see that Lauren in Matthew's heart, but occupies a very important position.

Once Lauren if something happens, Matthew will not let them off the hook.

"I ..... I'm fine ...... I'll go back to my room first."

Lauren pushed Jane in front of her and moved her heavy body towards the room upstairs.


the room around the

at Anne, who was paddling her wheelchair

"Is something wrong?"

prepare breakfast for me Lauren, don't you forget that Matthew has asked you to serve me so I can dictate to you as I please, now I order

and down. arrogantly raised

body is a little weak now, can I help you to prepare breakfast." Jane


fell, Anne

dare you question my words? Is it because I fired you now that you will know who is important, me or

who fell to the ground with red and swollen cheeks, Lauren's eyebrows pouted slightly

master, and all others are not human in your eyes? Anne, don't think that you are Matthew's fiancée, you are so arrogant, and you will


Anne laughed out loud.

this old maid for me, today I will let her know who is the mistress

of Jane with a smug face and slapped

anymore, Jane will be hurt if

to be held up by the two bodyguards in the villa itself instead. Watching Jane's mouth corner was

dealing with, so why hurt an old man? Don't you have any feeling in your heart when you watch an old

looked at Anne in

raised a

in this villa, no matter who it is, as long as they dare to care about

servants in the hall, receiving such a warning look, the servants hurriedly lowered their heads, though their trembling shoulders still gave away

only have ten minutes left, if I don't see breakfast in ten minutes, I guarantee that you

at the time on her wrist, then gave a wink

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