Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 22: Alternative 'dance' in the study

"Lily, quickly pour me a glass of water."

Anne shouted outside, causing Lily to quickly run out of the kitchen and come directly to Anne's front.

"Well? Did things work out?"

Lily was just about to make an OK gesture, but stopped her fingers when she saw Matthew walking in through the door.

"Don't freeze, push me in front of Matthew."

Lily was a little uneasy, but when she heard Anne's icy warning, she hurriedly calmed her mind and pushed Anne to Matthew's front.

"Matthew, you're back early today, huh?"

Anne's face, no longer any icy cold, face full of smiles, with her innocent expression, really makes men have an impulse to want to fuck her.

Matthew squatted down and looked at Anne with a doting face, handing the things in his hands to Lily behind him.

"Honey, didn't I promise you last night that I would come back earlier to keep you company? How was it? Isn't it boring?" Matthew pushed Anne, came to the sofa, tenderly held Anne on the sofa, let her lie on his lap.

He gently stroked his hands through her soft hair. The picture of the two of them being warm and intimate made Lauren, who was carrying a bowl of porridge, feel a tingle in her heart.

She had to take several deep breaths before she could calm herself down, carrying the piping hot bowl in her hands, and came to Matthew and Anne's front.

When he saw Lauren, the tenderness in Matthew's eyes was immediately replaced by anger and disgust.

Looking at the disgust in Matthew's eyes, Lauren's heart, issued a burst of pain, but she still forced herself, put the bowl in front of Anne.

my room first, can not disturb your intimacy." The words that came out were like a sharp knife, stabbing her so hard deep inside that the

Lauren stop helplessly, turn her head and look at the expressionless

ask if there

the bland expression on Lauren's face, a nameless fire suddenly rose up

Lauren, don't forget, besides being a useless maid, you are also my Matthew's secretary, go to the study and print out all my meeting

at the corner of Matthew's mouth, Lauren nodded helplessly and

to help you. You know

Lauren's alone time together gave Anne a vague uneasiness. But the pouty expression was still

a woman who is an enemy. Be good and drink up your porridge, I'll take care of the work stuff as soon as possible, and then

on Anne's nose and pinched it, but his tone was full of

here, but you must be quick,

of Matthew, Anne has always been a gentle and obedient woman, which is also an important reason why Matthew sees her

never allow a strong woman to appear, if he were to be meek and obedient to

Anne a kiss on the cheek, Matthew turned around and walked towards the study on the

don't let anyone see it, or

with fierce eyes, full of murderous aura. Lily hurriedly carried the porridge, dodged all the maids and

the pen tremble a little, and the tip of the pen scratched to a good

raised a smile

"Want this thing?"

of his pocket and placed

the pool?" Lauren hurriedly put down the pen in her hand, a smile

If you want it, please me well, and if you please me, I promise to return this earring to you, and promise you that you will never

you telling the truth? Are you sure you can

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