Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 23: Abortion Pills

Lauren put her long, slender right leg on Matthew's leg and deliberately rubbed it, if at all, on his sensitive spot.

Matthew no longer wanted to suppress the passion inside him. He threw the earrings on the desk and he pulled her into his arms as he began to dominate the game of love.

Under Matthew's excellent kissing skills, Lauren sank a little, but awake, she noticed the earrings that Matthew had thrown on the desk. Her face immediately lifted up into a smile. Her right hand then moved in the direction of the earring.


A slap, hard on Lauren's face. Lauren was forced to face a pair of eyes filled with anger.

"Damn woman, when I was making out with you, you thought of this earring, well, I will now completely destroy this earring in front of your face, so that you can never see what your ex-boyfriend gave you again in your life."

Matthew's eyes were two flames, ready to erupt.

Matthew pushed Lauren underneath him and picked up the earring, then walked over to the cabinet and took out something.

Upon seeing the item in Matthew's hand, Lauren paled and rushed to Matthew's face.

"I beg you, don't ..... Don't do it?"

She prayed bitterly, but instead made Matthew even more furious.

"Don't?" The corner of Matthew's mouth pulled up a cold smile, his eyes locked on Lauren's body like a cheetah. His right foot kicked hard on Lauren's body, and Lauren fell to the ground in pain, curling up and enduring this pain in her body.

Matthew opened the box in his hand and lit it with a lighter. Then the earrings were thrown into the fire without mercy, and in a moment's time, the earrings had been melted mercilessly by the fire.

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on Lauren's face made Matthew even more furious, and he squatted directly in front of Lauren, his right hand fiercely squeezing Lauren's

to investigate this Adam Ouyang, and then completely destroy him in front of you, then I will let you see that the man you love is worse

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