Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 24: A bizarre miscarriage

''Buzz~'' the phone rang, causing Matthew, who was in a meeting, to show a hint of displeasure on his face. But he still took the phone and walked out of the conference room.

"You better have something important to tell me. Or I won't let you off the hook."

The meeting was interrupted, and for Matthew, who always put his work first, it was definitely something that made him angry.

"Matthew, get to my hospital. something has happened to Anne."

Leo's anxious voice came to his ears, which made Matthew a little uneasy. The Leo he knew was a calm man who wouldn't show his weaknesses because of anything.

"What's wrong with her?"

"Come on over, I'll give you the details when you come."

Matthew hurried back to his office. Then he grabbed his car keys and ran outside.

With the fastest speed, he arrived at Leo Zhou's office.

"How is Anne? Why is she in the hospital?"

Seeing Matthew, Leo's face changed drastically, stood up and walked to Matthew's front, rushed to his face, and punched him hard.

Matthew was caught off guard and was instantly knocked to the ground by this powerful force, and got up from the ground in a very bad way.

"Leo, you'd better explain to me clearly, or I'll make you pay back twice as much."

The cold aura instantly filled the whole room, as if the next second would drown Leo.

can't be

with a furious face. He glared

..... It can't

with a look

Matthew's neck with a death grip, hating to kill him himself, to kill the man who had put his sister in harm's way

to Anne. i want to

away hard and ran outside. Like a madman, he searched everywhere in the ward. But after searching for half a day, there

where is Anne? Tell me

really anxious, Leo's face raised a


pale face, Matthew hurriedly rushed to his front, pulling her small hand and putting it on his face, his eyes full of

struggled to sit up from the hospital bed and flung herself into

hating himself for not protecting this woman properly, although he had no love for her, but failed her love for him,

will not

voice, which was always

there were on Anne's face. It was only after a long time that she

fault for not being able to keep our

of the lost baby, Anne's face, once again, was

be crying, you should rest first, after your body recovers, we can still have a baby.

worried, fearing that her body, which had

the hospital bed. But hands have been tightly pulling Matthew's

was only when the sound of even breathing came to his ears that Matthew gently withdrew his own hand and ordered

All the

"Matthew, you're scaring Lily."

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