Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 25: Wedding in a month

Seeing her brother, Anne flung herself into Leo's arms with an aggrieved face, crystal tears rolling down in big drops, making Leo very heartbroken.

"Anne, don't you cry, tell brother, brother will definitely take it out for you."

I don't know why, when seeing the picture of Anne and Leo two together, Matthew had a strange feeling.

But he did not show such a feeling on his face.

"Brother, take me back to America, right? I don't want to stay here anymore."

Anne raised her head from Leo's arms, her face still covered with crystal tears.

"Back to America?" The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. My brother wants to hear the truest thoughts in your heart."

Leo glanced at Matthew beside him, who was also puzzled.

"Brother, I heard the conversation between the two of you. Instead of Matthew never being able to truly decide to be with me, why should I force this feeling that doesn't belong to me? Brother, I am also a proud woman, although I can't walk freely on my legs, but I also have my self-respect, I don't want to go and share a man with the same woman who hurt me."

struck Matthew's heart, and his eyes were filled with self-reproach as he looked at

saved herself, causing nerve damage to her legs and losing her mobility, but he repeatedly used his work as an excuse to put off their marriage

wasn't for Anne's bitter pleading, he wouldn't have let

to keep putting Anne in harm's way. Today in front of me, I want to hear a promise from you, do you plan to marry Anne or not, if you don't, I promise

eyes, shot at Matthew's body, he was going to determine now, whether Matthew

expectation, Matthew in turn some hesitation, almost at the same time,

he wouldn't be able

does the daughter of that enemy really hold such an important place

from Leo's

saw her legs, which had been devoid of any sensation, it made him make an

your body recovers, we will

I was able to

really going to have a wedding. The first thing you need

excitedly grabbed Leo's hand

heard it all, brother congratulations. After you have set the date, brother will definitely prepare a super big gift to

his sister, whom he had kept for thirty years, was about to become someone

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