Matthew took Lily with him and returned to the villa in anger.

"Young master, Miss Li is in the dining room."

Matthew didn't say anything and came to the dining room with a calm face and sat directly in front of Lauren.

Seeing Matthew, Lauren's face lifted up into a smile and put down the knife and fork in her hand.

"Tell me, did you put something in the porridge?"

Thin and sexy lips spit out cold and calm words.

"Something? What kind of stuff? What the hell are you talking about?"

Lauren was astonished and originally wanted to tell Matthew about Anne making her drink the contraceptive pill, but when she saw Matthew's words full of threats, Lauren dismissed the idea.

"Miss Li, I really didn't expect that you are gentle on the outside, but you are so poisonous on the inside. You actually cruelly put abortifacient pills in the congee, making Miss lose her one-month-old baby just like that, is your heart made of iron? You are really too inhumane."

Lily rushed to Lauren's front, full of questioning shouting, let the smart Lauren, instantly understand what happened.

Inwardly in pain, but Lauren's face did not show half of it, she stood up directly from the chair and came to Matthew's front.

"You believe I drugged the porridge? That Anne lost your baby? Do you really believe that Anne is a perfectly good woman on the inside and outside?"

Other people's opinions and doubts, Lauren does not care at all, what she wants to see is Matthew's reaction, as long as Matthew tells himself that he believes in himself, then all the aggression, all the doubts of everyone, all the pain she has ever suffered, she can laugh it off, what matters is that the man she likes can believe in himself.

"With Lily as a witness, do you need me to find any other evidence?"

tone. The grimness in his

vicious woman in your heart? You tell me again, three years of company, three years of waiting, for you Matthew, really does not have any

answer made Lauren's clear eyes filled

Lauren's pale face and trembling shoulders, Matthew's

to soothe the pain in Lauren's heart when the phone in his pocket

"This is Matthew."

to see Matthew's face getting ugly, his eyes locked tightly on Lauren's body. His eyebrows

put down the phone in his hand, stood up directly, pulled Lauren's wrist, walked out of the restaurant, and headed for

let go of me,

but it didn't work half as well, instead it was obvious that Matthew was getting stronger and stronger

go of me. I'm really in pain. It hurts all

shake off Matthew's wrist, which had been confined, and covered her painful, red and swollen wrist with a

chin with one force, his eyes

clenched her teeth in order to force herself not to cry out in

true that you secretly gave Adam Ouyang the business case that the company talked to

still wearing the same icy coldness, the cold aura is

are you talking about? Adam and I haven't had any contact for several years, and I've been serving your woman at the villa, do I have that

a shrewd man in her mind, who couldn't be defeated


guess very clearly what was going on inside Lauren's mind, and when he saw the

it okay? Matthew, are you still the same Matthew I know? You can actually not believe me, does three years of love really not mean anything to

with aggression, her beautifully painted eyes abruptly welled up

deep, cold eyes never left

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