Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 27: Sex Before Parting

Matthew's cold, beady eyes scanned Lauren up and down, as if he was measuring a piece of cargo. Such a look made Lauren's heart ache.

"I can choose to let you and your slut of a mother go for Anne's sake. I can let you leave my world completely for Anne's sake, that's because my future world will only have the presence of one woman, Anne, and you ......"

Matthew paused for a moment. The handsome face became more and more ironic and gloomy, and his eyes radiated a dangerous seduction.

"Just a in my physical need, like a prostitute to help me release it, no, I said wrong, you are even worse than a prostitute, you are just a whore who sold herself for money, now get out of my way immediately, I feel sick at the sight of you. But listen carefully, I can no longer pursue this matter of you causing Anne to lose her baby, but if you let me know that you are responsible for the loss of the company's business case this time, I guarantee that at the end of the world, I will catch you back and let you die in my hands."

His exquisite and deep features at this time but exudes charm, his voice is cold, shallow smile even colder.

"No ..... Don't be saying that ....."

Such an explicit sneer made Lauren painfully put her hands over her ears and squatted on the ground in pain. Large drops of tears fell to the ground, forming a circular halo of flakes on the ground.

Matthew was still not strong enough for Lauren's blow, squatting directly in front of Lauren and lifting her chin with both hands. The corners of his mouth rose with a smile that was unreadable.

The distance between the two people, so Matthew can clearly smell Lauren's body, emitting a light fragrance, this fragrance makes Matthew have a stupid impulse.

In this elevated position, Matthew could clearly see the fullness of Lauren's softness through her shirt.

Matthew didn't want to suppress the urge in his body, he pulled Lauren up and wrapped her in his arms, and Lauren's entire body was instantly pressed firmly against his toned chest, and the scent of her body emanated from her.

Lauren was forced to meet Matthew's pair of dark pools full of unreadable ......

eyes are filled with unmeasurable wildness, and at the moment they are emitting a gaze that is familiar to Lauren. Such a

His long, slender fingers followed the loose buttons of his shirt and explored the inside of it, caressing

was unbuttoned by Matthew, and only then did Lauren realize her


once again, your superior bedside manner. Maybe we won't have such

poured out in an instant, especially the pallor on Lauren's face, which gave Matthew a


sarcasm made Lauren raise her right hand and hit Matthew's

caught off guard and the slap hit his

dare you hit

of anger, and the wind rose in

viciously at Lauren's face. The strength

completely desperate, hurting again and again, making her completely

down, Lauren took a few deep

you, you told me that you approached me with a purpose, when I fell in love with you, you told me that you approached me with revenge, I was full of thought that I could

words, Lauren actually had a calm face. Those beautiful

pot after pot of dirty water on my body, well, you told me to get out, I will get out now, from now on I will not have any entanglement with you, I want to leave your world completely.

ironic, his obsidian eyes fixed on her. Suddenly he yanked her hair

to get away from me that badly? To go to that Adam Ouyang? I see you know he's back in

a cold laugh and

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