Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 28: Meeting an obese 'old man' on the road

The next day, Lauren opened her eyes from the pain, such pain she had experienced countless times, but nothing more than this one made her suffer.

With a bitter smile on her face, Lauren struggled to get up from the floor, walked to the bathroom, cleaned up briefly, then went back to her room and packed a few belongings before carrying a small suitcase and walking towards the door.

Lauren had just reached the door when two bodyguards blocked her way.

"What do you mean by this? I am now a free man and can leave this villa at will."

Lauren looked at the two bodyguards with a calm face, she could do anything as long as she could leave this villa that was causing her pain.

"Miss Li, we know you want to leave the villa, but the young master has instructed that you can leave, but you can't just take your things out."

One of the bodyguards pointed at the small suitcase at Lauren's feet and said coldly.

"Do you mean to say that Matthew won't let me take away what belongs to me?"

Lauren grimaced. She knew that even at the last hurdle, Matthew wouldn't let herself go.

"That's right, as long as you put down this small suitcase, you can leave the villa anytime you want."

The corner of Lauren's mouth lifted into a light smile. Handing the suitcase at his feet to the bodyguard, he walked past them alone in style and headed for the villa's front door.

Lauren's heart, as soon as she thought that she could quickly leave the control of that demon, was like a flower blooming. She was free to breathe in the fresh air outside.

Lauren, who was walking away, didn't think that her every move fell into the eyes of the second floor window.

Lee has gone, want

a bodyguard bravely

her?" His stunningly beautiful and resolute thin lips were slightly hooked up with a

her. Also, if she goes

instructed the assistant beside

any rebuttal and hurriedly walked out of the room and instructed his people to

that her purse was also in her suitcase, which made her very annoyed. All her belongings were in her purse,

keys, she didn't even have a place to stay for

dollars, which left Lauren a little overwhelmed as

on the side of

at the sight of several men who suddenly appeared in front of her, Lauren's face changed drastically, and fear and

you ...... how did you get here?" Seeing the obese Ito and

couldn't forget how possessive Ito was of herself, especially now, with a lustful smile on

to Lauren under the protection of

for us to meet here. How come Matthew is not by your side to

not only did he not sign the contract, but also caused t

go." Lauren wrapped her hands around her chest, trying to dodge Ito's

to dodge anymore, do you think I will be afraid of that Matthew? I've brought multiple bodyguards with me today, and since God made me meet you here, I'll take you away now. You better pray that Matthew appears in

laughed and ran his hands

come any closer or

swatting away Ito's hands and running

the bodyguard quickly run in the direction of

woman in the wheelchair? Do you think your existence is still meaningful to him? The whole newspaper is printing that he's getting married to that woman in a month, and you ...... are nothing more than

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