Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 31: A passionate kiss in the fitting room

Anne turned her wheelchair and came to Lauren's face.

"Lauren, can you tell me what kind of hatred made you do something that hurt the baby inside my belly? She is also a little life.How can you be so cruel?"

Anne with a tearful face was a look Lauren had never seen before. This made her a little overwhelmed, but when she met Matthew's cold eyes, her fragile heart became hard.

She kept telling herself that she could never let Matthew look down on her again, that even if she left him, she could still live a good life.

"Anne, I don't understand what you are doing, you lost the baby, and I have nothing to do with it, if you have evidence, let the police officer take me away, if you don't have evidence, don't talk nonsense here, or I can sue you for defamation at any time."

Although the temperature in the costume was appropriate, when she came into contact with Matthew's ice-cold eyes, Lauren felt an instant coldness invade her whole body.

This coldness made her lean into Adam's arms involuntarily.

A trace of displeasure flashed between Matthew's eyebrows. He exuded a cold aura all over his body.

"Matthew, I like this dress, I'll try it inside for a while, you wait for me outside."

Anne stopped paying attention to Lauren, turned her wheelchair then picked up a dress on the hanger and said tenderly to Matthew.

"Coco, go help Anne in the fitting room, I don't want her to get hurt."

Coco nodded, pushed Anne, and walked towards the fitting room inside.

Watching the interaction between Matthew and Lauren's eyes, Adam's heart had an answer, it seemed that the information he knew was true, Lauren was really as important to Matthew as the outside world had said.

Instantly a plan formed in his mind. His left hand quietly reached into his arms and pressed on the phone in his pocket, and after about five seconds, the phone in his pocket rang.

I'm going

a little scared to have a chance

choose your clothes first, then go to

kiss on her forehead before walking outside with

to Lauren's direction, the image of Adam kissing her just now had been imprinted


approaching Matthew, Lauren hurriedly made excuses

Lauren who was walking in the opposite direction, the corner of Matthew's mouth hooked up a cold smile, he quickly rushed to Lauren's back, then pulled her hand hard and pulled her into his

you, it seems that I have

lips. He forcefully sucked in the sweetness inside.

hands began to roam unrestrainedly over

stirring in Lauren's mouth. It was only when he felt the woman in his arms suffocating a little that Matthew ended the passionate kiss,

you let go of

stared at her with a smirk, his narrow dark eyes seeming to have the ability to see into people's

the hell away from Adam, or I'll


husband, you're not my man, so who are you to stop me from dating other men? I'm telling you, the more you don't let me be with Adam, the more I'm going to

slender waist, never before pain, so that Lauren's delicate little face showed an expression of pain, Lauren felt that her waist was about to be

wheelchair turning made Lauren's

your fiancée, too, to see the picture of us two now, do

thought with all her heart that Anne's appearance would free herself from Matthew's confinement, but she didn't expect that Matthew not only

Lauren's red lips. This time, Matthew maliciously deepened the kiss,

Lauren kept struggling.

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