Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 32: Give me a baby

Lauren patted her cheeks fiercely, hoping to get some redness on her face so that no one would see any suspicion.

It took several deep breaths before she stepped out of the fitting room.

The image of love in front of her eyes caused a flash of soreness to pass through her beautiful eyes.

Only to see Matthew was looking at Anne sitting in the wheelchair with a pair of loving eyes, his hands gently stroking Anne's face.

"Lauren, are you okay?"

Adam, who had the phone in his hand, walked up to Lauren and gently wrapped her in his arms.

Lauren shook her head.

"Adam, let's go to another house, there are no clothes I like here."

Adam nodded understandingly, put his arm around Lauren's shoulders, and left the clothing store.

Lauren, who was just sitting in the car, heard the sound of a message coming from her cell phone, and she opened it, only to see a message clearly displayed on it.

"7:00 p.m., don't see me. Or else you will be responsible for the consequences." A short sentence, but let Lauren's face, all of a sudden turned pale. There was not a trace of blood.

"Lauren, are you all right? Is it that you are not feeling well?"

Adam asked Lauren with concern.

Lauren really wanted to ignore the message on her phone, but she could predict that if she didn't show up, she would definitely not end up well.

"Adam, just go to the store out front."

two professional outfits directly in the

these gowns, I feel you will look beautiful in them. When you attend some banquets with me, you will definitely be a beautiful sight

on the dresses, Lauren shook

it were before, the price of these dresses would not be any problem at all, but now her bank card, including her passport, is in Matthew's

let's go back, I'm a

Lauren's face, really a little tired, Adam took the dress in her hand and helped her leave the clothing

car, he went

and I'll call you

her clothes back to her room, closing the door behind her, she leaned right back against it, tears flowing uncontrollably

gave Lauren a sense of dread and

of those leopard-like eyes in her mind made her uneasiness grow stronger and

in a state of intense uneasiness until Adam knocked

do you and Matthew know each

Lauren, pretending to

Lauren looked up.

haven't read the newspapers for the past two

face look a little

that kind of woman, Lauren, I believe you, it must be the media out there

showed a slight

comments out there, and I don't want to pay attention to them. I want to tell you that the person I am now is a new Lauren. what

and fork in her hand after saying

won't be back tonight, I'll be at your office

any reaction from Adam, Lauren walked straight out of the

at Lauren's departing back, the corner of Adam's mouth lifted up into a

where she had lived for three years, Lauren felt fear and dread for

could not be inserted into the keyhole for half a day,

a violent force pulled

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