Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 33: Demonic Heat Wave

The heat wave emanating from under Matthew's eyes had the feeling of being about to destroy Lauren.

"Are you sure you just said those words to me Lauren, and not to Anne?"

Eyes like an empty mountain clear spring, locked tightly on Matthew's body.

The corners of Matthew's mouth, raised a devilish smile.

Thin, sensual lips had fetched those delicate lips.

"Matthew, I ......"

Taking advantage of the gap in the passionate kiss, Lauren raised a pair of eyes that were already a bit misty and looked at Matthew.


Matthew put his slender index finger, on his own thin lips that had been stained with some lip nectar, his eyes were still full of tenderness.

"Do not say anything, remember this beautiful moment, let's forget all the hatred and unhappiness tonight, just remember today belongs to our happy time, okay?"

At this time, Matthew, without the cold and cruelty of the past, the look of mildness is unsettling. Such a huge change makes the uneasiness in Lauren's heart even more intense.

Lauren's heart a flutter, she instantly immersed in the love trap set by Matthew,

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"Do you love me?"

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that he really tired her, otherwise she wouldn't have slept so deeply and the

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now? I've been waiting for you at home? You didn't forget about our appointment

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