Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 34: The Woman in the Office

Looking at Lauren's bare skin, Matthew's sword eyebrows knitted up even more severely.

Matthew grabbed Lauren's wrist and brought her into his arms. Fingers tightly contained her wrist.

"You actually let other men wait in the room for you?" The corner of Matthew's mouth, lifted in an angry smile.

"Lauren, I really underestimated your abilities, but I really doubt that you are capable of attending to other men now?"

The sarcasm on Matthew's face caused Lauren to blush. The pain in her wrist made Lauren suddenly feel some coldness which came from her heart. Lauren's eyes widened, her eyes filled with disbelief.

"Matthew, what are you talking about? I really don't quite understand, is it possible that the tenderness we had just now, was all hypocritical?"

Lauren kept shaking her head, her face excessively pale and full of panic and helplessness. She really didn't know what had happened that would make Matthew's mood, change so drastically, simply hostile, the whole room was enveloped by a kind of suffocation.

Looking at the pale Lauren, the corner of Matthew's mouth, raised a cold smile. The cold gaze was as if he wanted to kill her.

"A cheap woman is a cheap woman, tell me, is it because Adam Ouyang gave you more money that you slept with him?"

Matthew violently let go of the hand that had been pulling her wrist, then hooked Lauren's chin.

"I didn't, I really didn't, Matthew, why do you have to misunderstand me over and over again and make me sad and painful, would your heart really be very happy?"

Teardrops like broken pearls fell one by one, implying aggression and pain.

Looking at Lauren with a tearful face, a flash of heartache instantly flashed deep inside Matthew's heart. It was just too fast to be captured.

"Did Adam Ouyang fuck you? Say ......"

that hooked Lauren's chin, from time to time, increased in force, as if there was a pain like bones about to be

"I ......"

"Don't say it."

his sinister gaze staring at her more harshly

he picked up the wallet at his side, took out

only worth so much money, but don't worry, when you need money, you can call me again, and then I may give you some more depending on your performance. But you'd better make sure your body can have my baby fast, or else what happened today, I'll make it happen again, only then I won't care about the location, as long as I want to fuck you, even in the hotel toilet, I

and they were glistening

the money you deserve and

thought of the image of Lauren lying in Adam Ouyang made Matthew's voice grow

restraint, picked up the clothes on the floor, and turned to

that if he didn't leave, there was a real possibility that

She really didn't know what had happened

with a tearful face, then looked around and left with reluctance the house she had lived in for three years, which was full of sweetness and pain. She had a premonition that this place she would never

weak and somewhat sore body, Lauren returned

room when she saw Adam sitting on the couch, which made Lauren wonder a little why Adam was

are you

appeared on Adam's face as he took a few steps

come back so late? I was in a big hurry." Adam helped Lauren and came to

have close contact with Adam, but the weak body, so Lauren powerless

in the study at this hour, handling company

let out a soft

rather distracting. I really hope that you can

difficult matter, Lauren, now, really didn't want to let anything

first, as for the work matter,

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