Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 35: The woman who is not as good as her appearance

"Adam, here are the papers you need to sign." The woman put the document in her hand and placed it in front of Adam's desk.

Lauren's heart was really a bit strange about her name for Adam. Could it be that Adam's relationship with this woman, like her and Matthew, was that of the president and his mistress?

"Bailey, I will handle these documents, your task now, is to take Lauren to familiarize with the company's environment, tell her some of the company's situation, so that she can get familiar with the work as soon as possible. Then take over your job."

Bailey walked up to Lauren and looked up and down at the woman who could potentially be a threat to her.

"You want to be Adam's mistress?"

Bailey's bold provocation took Lauren by surprise, but she did not feel any anger, instead she stood up and met the disdain in Bailey's eyes.

"Secretary Li, I just want to earn my living with my ability, you don't need to have any worries, and my relationship with CEO Ouyang is not the same as you think, since I decided to work here, it will only be the relationship between leader and subordinate, there will be no change."

Lauren's words brought a smile to Bailey's face.

"Good, I hope you can do it, let's go, I'll take you to get familiar with the working environment first, then I'll tell you what to do and what not to do."

Without greeting Adam, Bailey twisted her slim waist and walked out of the office with glee.

Lauren glanced at Adam.

"Adam, do I have to go with her?"

Adam nodded.

"Bailey is a very good secretary, you must learn a lot from her side, and I hope you can take her place as soon as possible."

meaning, Lauren nevertheless nodded and turned to leave the office, quickly following

think that just because you and Adam know each other, you have any ideas. I've seen a lot of women like you, and let me tell you, I'm

smiled sweetly. Until this time, she did

my heart long time ago, so there will not be any threat between you and Adam, you do not need to worry at all,


had suspicion on her

Lauren nodded seriously.

the man you love in your heart is Matthew? Are

mouth, raised a

the impression of a woman who is full of flirt and

sincerity on Lauren's face surprised Bailey

lot in the newspapers about what happened between you and Matthew, but the first impression you gave me was really not like

other people's opinions, Bailey, can you take me to get

Bailey did not want to force, Lauren was the first woman, who could see that her appearance was not as good

get familiar with them, and then I'll give you some information about the company, and then you can get familiar with the company as

behind Bailey, going with her to

herself into the heavy workload, and only then would she forget the hurt and pain that

work ability in Yin's Group, Lauren quickly became familiar with the

after you read it, make a detailed statement for me, and then I will

stack of information, placed on Lauren's

information in front of her like

thank you for taking care of me today, I won't let

saying that, Lauren buried in the first hill-like statements, even forgetting the time to leave work. It was only when Adam walked up to her, his long index finger tapping rhythmically

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