Billionaire's Stubborn Slave Wife

Chapter 36: Being secretly filmed intimately

With extremely unnatural expressions, the three of them arrived at the restaurant near the company.

"Lauren, these are your usual favorites, you should eat more of them. Don't let work tire you out."

Adam pointed to the food brought to the table by the wait staff and looked at Lauren with a pleasing face.

"CEO Ouyang, thanks, you guys eat too."

Looking at Bailey, who had not moved her chopsticks, but had an icy face, Lauren was a little embarrassed and deliberately changed her name to Adam, afraid that it would make Bailey misunderstand, she did not want to erect an enemy on her first day at the company, and this enemy was Bailey who had been in the company for a long time and had her own connections.

"Adam, I want to eat that, but I can't reach it, you can help me pinch it?"

Bailey took Adam's arm and pointed to a dish that was a little distance away from her.

Adam picked up a piece of pork ribs and put it in Bailey's bowl. But then he turned around and picked up a piece of fish and placed it in Lauren's bowl after picking out the spines.

"Lauren, try this, this is the signature dish of this restaurant, it will make you want to eat it again after once."

Adam's pampering and concern for Lauren made Bailey unable to control her long-suppressed anger any longer, and slapped her hands hard on the table, so loudly that the people around her who were eating, all focused their eyes on their table.

"Bailey, what are you doing? Are you trying to make me look bad?"

Adam's eyes, because of Bailey's action, crossed with a touch of grimness. The corners of his mouth quickly curved up indifferently.

table and poured the entire glass of ice water all over

those few business that make shareholders believe in you?

with a

Adam snorted coldly.

you did help me a lot, but I have one thing to remind you, I Adam Ouyang can be in today's position, it is entirely on my ability. Also, you and I are just friends, at first because of pity you do not have any place to go, in addition to my admiration for your ability, so let you do in my secretary position, but now it seems that you are not suitable for this position. In a week's time, when Lauren is familiar with the environment, you will be

wiped the coldness off his face, and seemed to have a vague air of elegance in

"You 。。。。。"

did not expect that Adam would say such heartless words to her in front of

I can remind you, do not forget the media reports, Lauren is Matthew's woman, although you are the CEO,

Adam's ugly face, Bailey glared at Adam fiercely and ran out of

let that woman

on the table and wiped his mouth gracefully. He

But you can

little overwhelmed by Bailey's

will be fine. Besides, there is no way that such a woman will become my girlfriend, how could I possibly want a woman

made Lauren think of Matthew, who had once looked at her with such contempt, completely treating her

that all men in this world are the same, people

you doubting my feelings

words made Adam a little uneasy. Fearing that it would give

ten years have really changed a lot of things, so don't discuss

Lauren felt an inexplicable pain

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