Billionare's Secret Wife

Chapter 87: Part 65 (a)

Chapter 65 BSW

"Neil I don't want any of Pawan Singhania's property and I want to transfer everything to you because he snatched all your dad's property" she said and he shook his head in no..

"I don't need it Sharanya I have more than enough with me it's yours" he said.. "I don't want it I don't want any of his things he is a devil" she replied and then something striked her mind..

"I want to meet Pawan Singhania" she said and his eyes shot up at her.. "Why?" He asked and she raised her left eyebrow "I am not answerable to you"

"Yeah yeah meet with him tomorrow as today it's your birthday and Yashvi and Brinda maa has planned few surprises for you" he said to her.. "I want to meet with him today only Neil"

He sighed in defeat "Fine ladki (girl) go and get ready I will take you there"


me I know today is your 19th birthday right? Happy Birthday" his eyes

dirty without any fan but something caught her attention it was the photo frame it has the picture

of you I got death threats and just because of all this Neil's

your life with your own hands just because of you we all

me more than anything I love you all " he said wiping his own tears which made her chuckle "You love us? No dad you don't there was a time you get so blind for money that you didn't think twice and killed Mom's step dad" Unknowingly she called him dad which soothed his heart thou he knew he didn't

way more better than you and you toh doesn't deserve to call as dad" Even her

want then you can punish me also Sharanya" he said "I am no one to punish you Mr Singhania

your properties back because I don't need your dirty

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