Chapter 66 BSW

Neil's pov..

I puffed the cigarette staring at the decoration which I did for her and she just poured the cold water on it.. Wow like wow this was the first time I did something special for a girl who didn't even care..

Wait why I was even expecting?

'Oh yes you are expecting her to come to you and kiss you hard ohh my Romeo you did so much for me' My subconscious mock.. what the fuck? I literally expected her to smile for me but she..

It's okay Neil take a deep breath and calm down you didn't mean anything to her okay? Her family comes first for her and it's totally okay..You are not even in her priority list.

I was standing on the terrace "Mom dad did you see I did so much for a girl for the

seeing your son like this I baked cake I made her favourite Mint Mojito drink I cooked white sauce pasta and not to forget chocolate pudding I decorated terrace with fairy lights cushions and other things I wanted to say so many things to her I wanted

the floor smoking out the cigarette just then my phone rang.. I hastily grabbed it thinking the caller

asked totally

I know about it I didn't forget I already told Paras to make the jet ready..... Yeah I'll be leaving tomorrow morning" I hung up the call sighing.. Damnn Why Sharanya? Leave it Neil stop behaving like a roadside Romeo you


Sharanya's pov..

for you" Piyush said showing the terrace as we were doing

your FYI Sharanya he didn't order

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