Blood Oath: Forever Yours

Chapter 59: Let’s Not Meet After Tonight

Her tone was full of self-depraved frivolity and indifference as if she had already used her identity as a “tool”.

Lawrence paused his movements.

Her words were like a bucket of water poured down from his head. The man’s face turned cold in an instant.

He grabbed Charlotte’s neck hard. With reddened eyes, he looked at her, gritting his teeth.

“Charlotte Garcia!”

Charlotte bit her lower lip hard. Although she couldn’t help trembling under his hand, she still looked up at him with a faint smile.

“Mr. Harris, what are you so angry about? As your tool, I’m doing what I ought to do and get ready. Why are you so mad?”

Lawrence’s eyebrows twitched violently.

He knew that she had done it on purpose.

She deliberately humiliated herself and provoked him.

Good job! Awesome!

The next second, the man suddenly stood up and kicked the wheelchair, which bumped onto the wall not far from him fiercely.

squinted his eyes

about what you

Gritting his teeth, he dragged Charlotte’s arm and tossed her on the ground

there was a click from

hair without any

a tool? Show me how you do


her stiffened body. Her shoulders faintly heaved. The next second,

She was crying.

felt his heart tightened slightly. A stream of suffocation

the crystal tears on the


in the

his strong hand, violently dragged her

rudely stripped her, grabbed her chin hard,

subconsciously closed her eyes, waiting for the

to her

gentle and his movements

like true lovers -- they hugged each other face-to-face, kissed, and enjoyed having sex tenderly. He

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