Camp Closeted

Chapter 52: Romantic Places

It continued to rain the rest of the week and the only place anyone at our cabin could've gone without getting wet, was the cafeteria.

I used this rainy week as a time to myself and focused on my schoolwork online. Even through Jesse successfully distracting me sometimes, I still managed to keep up.

It was now the weekend and Benny's interview was today. Unfortunately, him and Keanu had to leave really early so I didn't have time to wish him luck.

Now I'm just here, alone, staring at my laptop.

Jesse's head slowly peeped down from his bed as I couldn't help but smile. "Micah it's not raining anymore, let's go out." He smirked, strands of his black hair falling onto his crystal blue eyes.

"I still have to finish my calculus worksheets, sorry. I also need WiFi so I'm probably just gonna go head over to the library." I shrugged, his lips quickly pouting at me.

"I thought you didn't like the library?" He sniffed, his shirtless body quietly hopping down from his bed and then quickly sitting down on mine.

"I kinda have to now since I have loads of stuff to do. 2 and half more months and I graduate." Joy came out very dryly with my voice as Jesse just nodded, looking down at the pile of papers on my bed.

"Are you going to your graduation?" Jesse asked, his eyes meeting mine.

"Hell no, there's no point. I rather open the mailbox than sit in a place for 2 hours clapping for students I couldn't care less for. I already told my mom that I wasn't planning on going." I tiredly sighed. "Why, did you go?"

"I didn't have a graduation to go to. Americans are a lot more dramatic when it comes to graduations." Jesse quietly responded as my mouth dropped. "I just had to finish my Maturità exam and get the fuck out."

I breathed as I genuinely couldn't believe that. "There's no high school graduations in Italy?"

He slowly began to reply as he leaned his body back next to me, his pale muscular arm brushing against mine. "I'm pretty sure some schools do it but mine didn't."

"That makes me feel a bit better now that I'm not going to my graduation then." I quietly laughed. "Is America any different from Italy?"

"Way different." His voice became softer, our head slowly turning towards each other. "For example, you guys don't have that many romantic places here.

"There's romantic places in Italy?" I slightly scrunched my face at him as his face slowly got closer towards mine, forcing me to make my voice softer.

"Of course. A lot." Jesse's voice came out more as a deep seductive purr as our lips began to brush against each other. "Venice, Portofino, Tivoli, Cinque Terr-" He quickly cut himself off as his lips now met mine.

Just like the many other kisses before, this one still managed to heat up my cheeks. Just before we could've gotten carried away, I just proceeded to get up off the bed with my laptop. "You wanna come?"

"So bad." Jesse's face slightly frowned as he slowly licked and bit onto his flushed reddened lips.

"Im talking about the library." I slightly winced at him as I tried to hold in my laughter. "I was asking if you wanted to come to the library."

"Oh." He adorably pouted as his ocean eyes hastily looked left and right as I couldn't help but laugh out loud now.

"You don't have to come." I playfully rolled my eyes as I began to walk away. "I'll be back."

I didn't bother replying, instead just smiling to myself as

today. No sign of Sascha, Rama, or Cadence. It was just me and a pile of school work, awaiting to

It's not

been a week since I've seen any of them and considering over the fact that Cadence and Sascha

though. If Sascha is happy with Cadence, then I'm happy for him. Sascha has been ignored and secluded from everyone for too long. He's not even that weird, he's just a

to do for my school was easier said than done. Jesse's insanely dirty texts distracted me off my work and that's probably the

couldn't help but laugh as all my attention was on my phone

second I looked at the picture he just sent. It was like I was feeling the warmth of his body against me now

me a dirty look as I quickly looked up at

my mouth slightly widened at his comment. "Like you got any." I audibly murmured. "Also, he's not my boyfriend."

slightly surprised as I just awkwardly looked at him. "I do have abs and they're certainly better than your boyfriend's." Romeo quickly raised his black shirt up, my face now fully red as I couldn't

exclaimed, audibly annoyed, dropping my phone down then looking back towards my work. "Why are you

why the fuck should you even care? It's not like this library is only meant for your pothead friends

would definitely rather

visibly annoyed of what I just said. "Can you sound anymore of a little

it looked like when you were making out

it didn't mean anything." He quickly replied. "That kiss did nothing but only help me

I kept quiet, sighing at even

do I find derivatives of inverse

a sudden, my phone on the table quickly

It vibrated again.

And again.

texting you." Romeo glanced at me for only a moment

replied fast, slightly choking in air at hearing him speak out

tone remained dry as my face slightly crinkled at him telling me this.

too slow for the internet to even work.

the chair to go and see if this library has some books about trigonometric

through the huge array of dusty books

book, titled in bold black colors, 'The Love Bible.' I couldn't help but be amused as the cover was

I quickly opened the first page to read and see what the book could possibly be

wall in which love

How cheesy.

putting the book back into the shelf, only to see Romeo staring at me intently, our

already looked back down at his phone, my face furrowing in confusion at the sound of an ambulance alarm loudly going

I finally walked out the library to see what was going on, my eyes quickly landed on an ambulance, making my eyebrows slightly furrow down in confusion

me." I shyly spoke as I brushed against the groups of tall

my first ever time seeing an ambulance at the camp and seeing

looking at, I felt like a sharp glass rapidly stabbed every nerve in

hold back a sobbing Sascha made my vision almost become black as I watched a group of paramedics escort a pale

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