Camp Closeted

Chapter 53: Care Bears

Me, Sascha, and Rama stayed in the library with complete dead silence. We didn't know what to do to help us process what just happened and I don't think we ever will.

Romeo just casually kept rocking his head to the music he was listening to and it made my blood boil. Was he that heartless to the point of not willing to care for something so serious?

I quickly averted my eyes away from Romeo before my anger only gets fueled more and empowers me to break a chair behind his back.

Sascha didn't bother loosening his grip around Rama's tan muscular arm as he was quietly whimpering. Every time I heard him whimper, it didn't fail to rip a piece off my heart.

"T-there's no way he's dead." I blurted out, my voice slightly cracky as their eyes slowly landed on me. "He can't be. He just can't."

Rama sniffed as he deeply breathed, Sascha's large brown eyes filled with such broken emotions. "I don't know man, taking 4 Xanax pills is a lot."

Just before anyone could've talked, the sound of Romeo's smug chuckle emitted around the library, causing us to sharply glare at him in strong disgust.

"Are you seriously laughing right now?" I spoke slow, my voice magnifying great fury as Romeo leaned back against his chair, amused.

Romeo carelessly rolled his hazel eyes as he threw his head back out in annoyance. "4 Xanax pills? That's it?" He let out loudly. "You guys are fucking stupid, he's not dead. He's probably just in a deep sleep."

I quickly thrashed my body up, my fists clenching as I ran towards him. Romeo's narrowed eyes followed me darting towards him as my fist rapidly swung towards his smirking face. "Fuck you!" I screamed, his hand effortlessly stopping me from punching him.

"How are you so weak?" Romeo raised an eyebrow at me as it only made me angrier.

Just before I could've tried swinging again, Romeo quickly looked behind me, Sascha's fragile voice appearing, making my face quickly soften. "Do you really think so?" He croaked out.

Sascha's pale lips we're subtly quivering together as tears bunched up in his reddened eyes. Romeo taking a closer look at how broken Sascha genuinely looked visibly caught him off guard, almost embarrassing him for some reason. "Y-yea." Romeo stuttered as he stared back at Sascha with widened eyes.

"Sascha we should go." Rama, whom was a distance away from Sascha quietly started to speak. "We'll drive to the hospital and see how Cade is doing, come on."

Sascha ignored Rama for only a second, still looking at Romeo. "I don't really know you, but I just wanna say that I'm not stupid." He sniffed, his voice sounding like it could break anytime now. "When you love someone, seeing them even get a small cut can even mean such a big deal because you don't ever want them to get hurt. You probably don't understand it but caring a lot is not stupid." He bit his lip, slowly beginning to walk away with Rama. "It just opens up a different part of your humanity."

I glanced back at Romeo as his face was now clear from any facial expression, Rama and Sascha proceeding to quietly leave the library.

Silence struck throughout the whole room as I glared at him now. "You're a terrible person Romeo." I shook my head as I went back to sit at the table, deeply sighing as I didn't know if I was even in the mood to continue working again.

Romeo slowly put his head down, his deep voice responding back. "It's not my fault that you guys made a big deal out of nothing. It doesn't matter if he loves him or not, the guy is a druggie. If anything, he deserves to die for being so careless, but he won't."

"You just don't get it." I slightly squinted my eyes at the bright light coming from my laptop, darkness slowly looming over the library. "You're nothing but a cold, selfish, asshole. I know you know how to care but you choose not to." I began to type.

in. "What the fuck even is the point in caring about someone else?" I thought he was just trying to be rude, but he genuinely sounded like he was

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just tiredly looked at

He shrugged,

eyes. "I'm pretty sure he does Romeo. Even if he doesn't fully understand you for you, there has to

come home from this place still gay then he'd disown me or send me back to Russia to get killed or some shit."

crinkled. "He said that?" Romeo remained quiet, indicating that responding yes would probably

Russia is homophobic and people there would be down to kill anyone that's gay." Romeo explained, my mouth

began to wonder how gay people are surviving in Russia. "Would they?"

softly replied, our eyes

you." I breathed, making him

care all your life doesn't mean everybody has. God I feel so fucking stupid when I talk to you!" His voice slightly stabbed me, making me just remain quiet to myself as I

His curly brown hair looked like a soft caramel cloud and it slightly covered his hazel eyes that were fiercely burning at me, blending well

he had his own captivatingly attractive sunset, right on his chiseled face and I didn't know how to feel about it.

I don't really know what to say other than I'm pretty sure there's people out there that care for you." I sighed. "Maybe you just choose not to notice it." I tried to

were people who cared for me

by his frustration. "Okay, fine, maybe nobody cares about you, but so what? You don't have to be like that. I know you're able to care because as much as you want to try and deny it, I know you

clearly drunk from that party, you cared enough to take me home. When I was high, you cared enough to feed me." I continued to weakly speak as Romeo's face slowly softened, but not much. "You cared enough to get off

surrounded us

moved back as his cheeks began to burn so bright, his dilated eyes almost shifting at me. "Micah." My name left

try and deny it." I blurted out, interrupting his sentence that he was being so hesitant on saying. "I don't care how much you hate me. You can call me names, make fun of me, and do whatever

sharp jaws clenched, not responding as a fierce glimmer went across his eyes. I knew him being able not to

it seemed like whatever facial expression Romeo did, it never managed

brown curly hair fluffed down onto his enticingly hazel eyes. All this, complimented by his tan dewy skin that always glowed radiantly

sudden rush of emotions inside me, my body being hot all of a sudden as I

that Romeo was everything that described perfection but his personality was so damaged

just awkwardly broke eye contact and looked down at each other's

my first text I immediately let out a deep sigh of relief and smiled widely. I held my phone closely to my stomach. I couldn't even hide my

Romeo softly asked.

texts. "The doctor said he's

It was true.

He is okay.

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