Camp Closeted

Chapter 54: Sealed and Official

I was running fast.

Running right after my palm met against Romeo's now reddened cheek, injecting adrenaline rush to pump all throughout my body as my nose gushed out blood.

The view of his shocked facial expression made me feel weird. I definitely didn't feel bad for slapping him since I believed that he deserved it. You insult me countless of times, treat me like actual shit, and then expect me to just be okay with it?

I'm not some doll he can just play with! All he's doing now is confusing me. He says so many things to me that hurts me and when he kisses me it feels like the complete opposite. That's not okay.

Does Romeo sort of like me or just using me as an experiment? He did say I wasn't his type so why did he just kiss me again? These past few experiences with Romeo have done nothing but make my stomach hurt from all the butterflies and my brain hurt from all the confusion.

I'm so confused..

I didn't bother looking down at my blood soaked sleeve as my legs seemed like they had their own mind. I haven't ran like this in a long time. The last time I ran this fast was when I joined track back in sophomore year, this could maybe even be faster.

Am I running because I hate Romeo or am I running because I secretly like him?

Well whatever the answer is, it won't be answered, at least in a very long time, or maybe not even answered at all.

The first thing I saw when I entered the cabin was Benny dancing energetically to himself, large shopping bags spread throughout his bed.

"Benny?" My voice rapidly caught his attention as he quickly turned to face me, a wide smile plastered on his face.

"Holy shit, Micah!" He cheered, biting his lip as he skipped towards me, clapping his hands. "Guess who's now a stylist and just went on a shopping spree, courtesy of my sugar daddy Keanu!" He cackled like a witch, making me laugh out loud too.

"What?" I asked, amused. "You got the job?"

"Yes bitch!" His small hands quickly grabbed onto mine to pull me towards his bed that was filled with so many clothes. "Keanu wanted to celebrate so he brought my ass to the mall and bought me a whole bunch of shit while we were at the city." My mouth dropped as he just continued to cheer.

"What else did you guys do to celebrate." I teasingly wiggled my eyebrows at him.

"Fucked in the parking l-" Benny couldn't even finish his sentence as he already blasted out in complete laughter. "I'm joking, no he actually just took me out. We ate at a super cute café. The barista there was so fine! His name was Kai and he knows how to do foam art! I swear, some straight boys will be the death of me."

"You're so lucky! That must've been so fun!" I exclaimed amused, exploring the new outfits Benny will surely wear soon. "So you and Keanu are dating now?" I grinned.

Benny tried to hide his smile with his hand as he rolled his eyes at me. "Yea, I guess you could say we dating or whatever." He let out a high pitched laugh.

"That's so cute! I'm really happy for you guys!" I congratulated him. "Also, I knew you were gonna get the job! I don't even know why you were doubting yourself."

"Honestly, it was just overwhelming. I never thought I'd ever be in a spot like that and when it happened I was so happy." Benny continued to talk. "You know Micah, all my life I doubted myself. Having this opportunity felt so validating for me, you know?" He sighed as I just nodded my head in agreement.

"Yea." I simpered.

up such personal things to me honestly made me feel so grateful to have a friend like him. "I don't know, I just-for the first time in my life, I feel genuinely happy." He

down. "For a happy person, your smile disappeared really fast." I slightly furrowed my eyebrows at him out of confusion at his sudden dryness from expression.

anywhere and anytime-since you know, I have to style models before the fashion shows and stuff." My mouth slowly began to open as I think I knew

a whimper as he

here anymore." He bit

possible. "What? How? Fashion shows don't happen a lot, right? I'm sure you'll still

the job." Benny brought himself closer to me as I didn't know how to feel. "I'll be flying to Milan next week, Paris right after that, Dublin, Prague, Barcelona, basically all of Europe. Vice is launching his fashion shows there before launching it here to create hype. I'll probably be required to stay around there for

second to respond as I just blinked my eyes at him. "Some

lips as I could've sworn I felt

I asked quietly, my tone heavily filled with growing emotions as I wished he would at least help me

only lasts for a week and are rarely given especially to people in my position. I probably don't have any vacations this year since I just started." He explained. "I don't wanna sound like a bitch, but Micah, I would rather spend my vacation in Europe instead of a place I've literally been stuck in since birth. I'm tired

I agreed because I too would probably want to do the same also. "I-I probably sound selfish and sound like I'm not happy for the amazing job you just got, but I am Benny. I really am. I'm so proud and happy and excited for your future.

as his face began to slowly crinkle. "You better stop, you're gonna make me show feelings and you know I hate that

I just shrugged, my eyes beginning to blur. "I'm gonna miss

my neck tightly as I hugged him back. "I'm a miss your hoe ass too." He let out, quickly making me cry now. "If the stylists are given the chance to invite someone for the shows, you best be ready to

eyebrow at him

wanna make him sit through a fashion show for 2 hours when he'd rather sit and

into fashion either." I sighed

and I'd rather have you there than anyone else." He

asking him another question. "Are you and Keanu gonna end up

has family in Europe since he's half Caribbean and Swedish,

everything work for you huh?" Silence broke out as Benny and I just began to look at each other. "Benny, I

tiredly closed his eyes as he sighed, hugging me again, this time tighter. "I promise this isn't a goodbye. More like, just a new chapter for me. I wanna leave some type of mark out in the world and keeping myself locked

I sniffed, speaking against his shoulder. "I

enough with being depressed, let's talk about you now." Benny quickly cut our hug

ever as my body slumped down, subtly pouting my lips at him. "Nothing really. I honestly just wanna go on a date with Jesse and just make it official. He's so perfect and I just honestly

are, so y'all should be too." Benny snickered as he pat his lap. "So what about Tristan and the other guy Romeo, what about

began to heat up at the thought of Jesse as confidence surprisingly rushed through me

carefully watched Jesse swoosh his bare legs against the water next to mine, our legs making small splashes together. "Jesse." I let out his name,

He didn't even look like he heard anything as he looked bothered by something. "Hm?" He finally let out as the most adorable pout was now painted on his face,

watched the reflection of the silky smooth lake from his crystal blue eyes that had thick long black curtains of lashes. "Is something bothering you? You haven't said anything on our way here, and you're still not even saying anything now." I kept my gaze,

breeze went through his messy midnight hair as the sun defining all of

casually moved it away from

catching me off guard. "But that is

break at how shocked I was from

"But you don't have to lead me on. If you don't like me as much as I like you then

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