Camp Closeted

Chapter 55: Fancy Boudoir

My finger trailed down Jesse's pale defined abs as he peacefully slept, my head gently resting just underneath his jawline.

His chest raised my head up every time he inhaled, my eyes looking up at his face. It was still dewy and flushed from what I did to him earlier today.

God this camp really did change me. I came here without having any friends and now here I am having friends and a boyfriend I'm doing things with?


It seemed as if Jesse felt my sudden rush of thinking as he slowly woke up, yawning. "You're awake?" He looked down, our eyes meeting.

"Yea, you're the only one who slept." I lightly chuckled, his finger lightly rubbing against my lip.

"You made me numb, sorry." He devilishly smirked, stretching his arms out which made me get up off of him.

"I did?" I tilted my head at him, yawning as I sat up off the bed. "Is that bad?" My voice anxiously asked.

"No, hell no, it was great, especially for your first time." Jesse kept his piercingly gorgeous blue eyes at me as he cheekily smiled. "I guess taking you to that yogurt place paid off." He winked, immediately making blood run through my head.

"Shut up." I let out in a quiet whine. "I'm never doing that again." I crinkled my face at him as he sat back up with me.

"You're gonna wanna do it again, watch." He bit his lip after his sarcastic response, strands of his hair falling onto his face as what he said made me roll my eyes back.

"Nope, never again, I swear. You're just too conceited." I tried to hide my smile, Jesse gently landing his hand on my thigh.

"You don't want me to return the favor?" He raised an eyebrow at me as I glanced down at his hand beginning to slowly slide upwards.

"U-uh no, not really!" I exclaimed sheepishly with widened eyes. "I don't think I'm ready for that yet." I grabbed some of the blankets to cover myself up from him.

Jesse casually shrugged. "Micah you just had me inside your mouth, I think you're ready for a lot of things." I immediately slapped him, making him laugh out loud, making him rub over his cheek. "Ow!" He pouted.

My eyes hastily looked around to see if anyone heard, luckily no one was around. "Jesse shut up! I don't want anyone to know about that. That's so personal." I quickly threw him a dirty look.

"Sorry." His signature pout stayed on his face as him being so attractive almost seemed to  make being mad at him insanely impossible.

Silence emitted between us as I just began to observe him. Fuck he looked absolutely stunning. His jet black hair was messily ruffled as his blue crystallized gaze was fully dilated at me now.

"You're so hot." He threw his head back as he quickly licked over his cherry red lips, his words not failing to send butterflies to roam around my stomach.

A heated exhale left my mouth as my cheeks brightly burned at him. "Were you looking at me just now?"

He slowly nodded his head at me. "I look at you all the time, you just noticed?" His voice was always a lot huskier whenever he just woke up and hearing it always made me feel some type of way.

"No, I have. I have noticed." I cheerily replied. "It's just different when both of us do it at the same time."

"Is it?" He quickly got up and planted a kiss on my lips, making me close my eyes from complete peace. "What are you gonna do today?" He asked, his face closely against mine now.

"I don't know, probably spend time with Benny. He's leaving soon and I wanna make sure I spend a lot of time with him before he leaves." I blinked slowly, still trying to process Benny having to leave.

"Where to?" Jesse asked.

He's like a huge traveling stylist now." I replied, audibly trying to sound happy.

can go see him together." Jesse responded as I made a sudden


as tried my best to remain calm as

before speaking again. "After this camp is over, you're gonna have to fly back to Italy aren't

sighed. "But so what? We can make it work. I fly here every year." I just

but it's not going to be." So everyone special to me in this camp are just all gonna leave now? "We're gonna be thousands of miles away, for who knows how many months. I don't even know if I'm coming back here again I'm

okay, we can make it work." Jesse extended an arm forward as I just sat

long distance relationships are not easy and I don't ever wanna be in a spot where I want my boyfriend so bad and the

"You're acting like you've been in a long distance relationship before,

distance relationship to know it's probably super hard! Someone I just started loving is gonna be gone soon and taken away from

me just start dating someone who originally doesn't live here! Fuck

but if we really try, it won't be that hard." Jesse extended an arm towards mine as he brushed his warmth against me. "I'm not even planning to stay in Italy forever, my aunt wants to live here, and we probably will. It'll work. I promise you Micah, we'll make it

I deeply breathed, growing stress making it come out

breaking our eye contact at all. "Micah, at this point, If you still can't tell that I'm practically obsessed with you I don't know what else to do. I'm gonna do everything in my power

Jesse's extremely anxious ones. "Okay." I breathed, making Jesse's face rapidly soften from relief. "We-you're right, yea, okay, we'll make it work." I pursed my lips, slowly nodding my head.

We'll make it work..

lips out of shame. "I would never use my mouth in that type of way! The only thing that enters this mouth is the body and

I spoke shyly. "I shouldn't have

his head. "Micah you my good Judy, I ain't judging how you wanna get down with

enough, no." I quickly

well good. That shit would've made everything so awkward."

Benny and I continued our walk, something quickly began to take his attention,

how big that suite is." Benny pointed directly at it as I squinted my eyes at the direction of his finger. "If I wasn't so

it?" I asked, making him

he did to me?" He dramatically rolled his eyes as

looks so different without all the night

hella big." Benny clicked his mouth, our eyes not leaving

so many trucks

sight of Posh coming out of his suite's large door. "Regal greetings to you, locals!"

wearing insanely high heels as three muscular guys exited

wore a black see through shirt and had on a black latex pencil skirt, making my eyes widen down at him. His hand

complimented. Well, at least

you know me, always doing the least but always looking the most." His hand slowly posed up as he looked to the side like a model, a streak of

doing the least." Benny coughed, visibly and audibly unimpressed. "What's up

long and interesting story, I'd hate for it to interrupt your boringly bland forest walk so I'll spare you

insanely extra Posh is. Even though he radiated astronomical amounts of cockiness he still almost had a way of smoothness in how he talked and how he moved. I have definitely never met anyone

next was about to be a jab. "Our walk is over,

a finger up to talk but Posh had already beat him to it. "Supes lovely." Posh nodded at us. "Now I don't care a single bit if you guys mind or not but I have to reapply my highlighter that's in my boudoir, so do follow me." He snapped his finger as he turned back around, beginning to

"I'm not planning to enter the gates of hell just yet!" He humorously added, making me try and hide my smile.

just curious." I shrugged,

shock I now felt at how large Posh's suite is. Judging just from the height and the 3 spiraled staircases in front of us, Posh's suite

us. He was dressed in a suit and held a

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