“You look like a princess.” She said with the warmest smile she could ever give; she was happy for Rose because she wished the world’s all happiness for her sister from god.

Rose hugged Nina and sobbed, Rose might be naive, unlike others, but she felt Nina was in pain; she couldn’t tell why or how,

but Rose never asked her because her brother asked them not to say anything that would upset Nina even more. It was already a miracle she was with them after going through her past depression.

“Sister, do something for me; try the dress I selected for you.” Rose pointed at a dress she and Kate picked for Nina because Rose wanted Nina to be a bridesmaid at her wedding.

Even though the wedding ceremony would be held later, she still wants to walk to her new life with Nina and David beside her.

Nina looked hesitant, but when she saw Rose’s eager eyes, she couldn’t refuse; she walked to the dress and touched it; this dress was only one piece in the entire world since Starlight produced them; Nina was familiar with the worth of the clothing.

But her brother's generous character never made her worry about money, not that she was worried about money; she was concerned about something else.

Her mind was not there, a thought hunting her for the last few days that she tried her best to hide but couldn’t.

Kate grabbed Nina’s hand and took her away from them.

“Do you want to share your worries with me? I see you've been off-minded for the last few days. Did something happen that I don’t know? If yes, please tell me.” Kate felt something was wrong with Nina.

Nina shook her head. “Nothing sister in law, I just don’t feel well and feel a little strange these days.”

Nina cut off the world, she knew she shouldn’t hide it, but she felt a little guilty for telling them the truth, but she felt if she told them about her secret, Rose’s happiness would be on the line, and she wanted to wait until Rose gets married peacefully.

She would never ruin her sister’s happiness.

Kate felt Nina was not going to tell her, so she didn’t force her and let Nina change in the changing room alone; Kate decided to talk to David about this later.

After a while, Nina returned, and everyone looked at her in surprise. Nina was a girl who always walked around without caring about what she wore and what would suit her. She felt it was a waste of time.

But the feminine touch on her continuously blooms the moment she puts on something which suits her character, like now, she looks more like a bride than a bridesmaid.

“Sister, I’m going to find a brother-in-law for me at my wedding. I'll not listen to you even if you refuse. I'll find the world's best man for you. You're so gorgeous; it’s a crime to be single.” Rose teased Nina when she felt it was a pity if Nina stayed single.

even though she knew Rose was teasing her; a thought flashed in her mind; she couldn’t help but almost

they soon packed all the shopping bags and let the bodyguards carry them. Then, when they were about to leave, Kate remembered she had left her phone inside

looked at the bodyguards. “Stand here; I’ll go to get my

got in. But since Kate went shopping with them,

everyone covered their faces.

went inside; she went to the waiting area and saw her phone on the middle table; she went to pick up

her forehead in horror, so much that she felt her heart jump out

was not loud enough, she

just a few steps away from her when she screamed; they almost entered and

felt she was about to fall when a pair of

only for a second, and when she found out who it was, she broke down. “I just

sobbed. In just a few minutes, she felt she had gone back to the moment she opened her eyes in that cage and

was not in his mask anymore, the scar, these

style; Kate buried her face in his chest and tried

tell him clearly; he looked at his men coldly. “I’ll deal with you all later; for

ordered in his

and received their order, yeah they were in

the man just disappeared into the air; they upside down the entire shop and the mall, but no clue was found, as if he had vanished

Amy. When David came out, Alex was already waiting

Alex was terrified; he also knew fear because that man broke through his master’s protection net around their madam and almost reached

the shocking part; they underestimated him.

shivering like a sacrificial hen; he felt his entire world darkened; he hugged the woman and kissed

be afraid; I’m here.” David felt ashamed to say this; how could he think that man wouldn’t do something

words; she clung to him like a frightened child who had seen something horrible and failed to forget it.

one is here; he will never come around you again.” David narrowed his eyes when he thought how foolish he

he was not returning, David decided to take

he was there, the scar, he has a scar on his face; I can’t misunderstand it even if I forget the world.” Kate touched

away her

believe you, but darling, he was not there. He deceived us with

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