CEO Proposed to His Ex-wife 99 Times

Chapter 431 Frances Doesn’t Trust Clara Anymore

Katherine ate late in the morning and wasn't hungry yet. She put down the folks after a few bites.

Frances watched her with concerns and said, "What's the matter? Do you like the food? Shall we order something else?"

Katherine wiped his mouth and replied, "No, I'm not that hungry. That's all I need. I don't need to eat that much."

Frances waited and said, "It's OK. I'll go home soon and let Darcie get some soup for you. She's so good at it. The one I brought you last time was her work."

Katherine still remembered how good that was.

She nodded and agreed, "OK, she's a great cook."

Frances and Margaret also put the food down after a few bites. Then they sat aside and watched the guys eating.

Katherine sat there for a while and suddenly felt nauseous.

It might be something she just ate. She felt as if there was a storm in her stomach, which kept bringing everything up to her throat.

She paused for a second and stood up. "Hang on a second. I need some fresh air."

Frances knew what she wanted as soon as she heard that. She also stood up and said, "I'll go with you."

Margaret thought for a while and followed them, too. "I need to get some fresh air, too. Let the guys drink."

They walked out of the room, and Katherine ran directly to the restaurant's gate.

She stood by and took a deep breath. Finally, she could no longer hold it back. She bent over and retched.

Frances patted her back and said in a low voice, "The first trimester is always the most troublesome. The second trimester should be better. You'll be able to eat and sleep well.

Margaret wanted to help Katherine catch a breath, but she was taken aback as soon as she heard Frances's words. She asked, "Katherine, are you pregnant?"

Katherine didn't answer. Frances did it for her, "Yes, one month till now. It's said to be the hardest time."

Margaret stopped walking towards Katherine. After a pause, she laughed, "Really? That's good news! I was wondering why Mr. Grant looked different today. He looked very happy."

Frances pat Katherine's back gently and said, "Yes, this is a turning point for Marshall."

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