Clubrooms Diary

Chapter 22: Do I have your consent?



May 10th 2018


“OH SHIT!!” I whisper as Vanko and his boss come walking through Chad's office.


I stare straight into his eyes gobsmacked, captured in his line of vision with eyes that glowed with intense dismay as they narrowed into thin slits. I felt myself being picked apart with his judgement as his jaw clenched and his body tensed. His eyes move to the side of the room,  I follow and gasp when they land on Jaxson as he sleeps inside his stroller. 

The situation looks worse than what it is and my inner goddess wants nothing more than to scream out to him…..


It's not what it looks like… She invasively intrudes on my mind.


I close my eyes, counting to three and take a deep breath. Time seems to slow down and I feel like I’m on centre stage with the spotlight heavily shining upon me. Rising slowly, I remove myself from Chad's body as I swing my leg back around. I look down at where our bodies were connected and I have the displeasure of seeing his dick fully erect.

 I feel revolted by the image of his thin dick that will haunt me for days.


I don't know what came over me to make me sit on him like that. When I  had entered the room and saw him jacking off I felt furious, my eyes clouded over and I wanted to throttle him. Instead, I found myself marching towards him and lowered myself onto his lap after he had just finished climaxing with his blue movie still playing in the background. 

He looks up at me with a sheepish smile on his ugly mug as he discreetly tucks himself back into his pants. My stomach churns and I spin around instantly regretting my actions. I find myself swallowing back the vomit that threatens to expel itself from my body. 


as he rudely dismisses me like I’m


anger and I nod my head. I walk up to Vanko as he still refuses

a second

response. Nothing, his face is like a blank canvas. He remains

found myself

then return to me.” His boss said annoyed, over his shoulder as he

like an obedient soldier and proceeds to walk towards the door. I follow him as I grab Jaxson on our way out.

are you?” I ask testing out the waters hoping he will open up and answer

disappointment washes over

what you think you saw in there…

before he turns and walks back into Chad's

my eyes begin to well up.  I feel like utter shit and I only have myself to hold accountable for it. It was an inexpressible feeling I was encountering towards a man I have only known for a minute. But I couldn't

...Two days prior...


like I had woken up in a

whispered as he crouched down beside me and wiped

his touch soaking up the softness of his hands marvelling in his gentle nature

I asked as I

began to spin and he gently laid my

He flatly said in a

do that for?” I looked at him in disbelief.

have gotten to him. I wouldn't put anything past that bastard. He can be very resourceful when he wants something done without having to get his own

asking yourself is, why would

“I did?” 

nodded. “You spun around from the club and ran out right in front of me. I couldn't stop in time and had no choice but to sit there and  watch your body fly three feet in the air, landing on the ground with a loud thud that echoed through my ears.”  He stood and walked towards the door letting an elderly man

like him to look up to and adore. He looked over at me every so often and I couldn't help

I am Dr Samuels. I am here to do a physical check to see if you acquire some

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