Clubrooms Diary

Chapter 26: Vengeance




May 10th 2018


"Let go of me you fucking piece of shit!" I yelled at the asshole who was hauling my ass out of the club. 

"Taking out the trash as the boss requested." He replied with a heavy accent. 

"Fuck your boss and FUCK YOU!" I continue to yell as he releases me and walks back inside. 

I bang on the door after he decides to lock it and stands there smirking back at me. 

"It's cold!" I say through chattering teeth. 

"At least give me the chance to get my clothes."

I bounce on my heels trying to keep my blood flowing. I look at my reflection in the window and instantly regret not knowing who this bastard is that has the power to throw my ass out. I continue to bang on the door like a lunatic with a death wish. 

"Let me in you cock sucking princess." My teeth continue to chatter as a gust of wind blows past me and I do my best not to drop to my knees and beg for forgiveness, even if it is sitting on the tip of my tongue.

I turn around and stomp my feet rubbing the goosebumps popping up along my arms. 

I begin to shiver

I'm gonna freeze to death out here." I start to bang my

clothes. I snatch them from her and quickly

is that man?" I ask her as she remains

her shoulder at the big fucker who's still standing there

is Amar Diamandis." She

her as the name is meant to

fucked the wrong man off Maddie." She shakes her damn head at

I watch as misty clouds

how fucking cold it is

not fucking him."

you're not." I chuckle at her obscene lies.

your little pussy, Mal. He told me himself." I

her for capturing his full

try to talk to him tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll be more reasonable and

back Monday morning."

do till then Mal?" Mondays four fucking days

looks away, tapping her nails against the metal door

and maybe next time when you decide to approach him you'll keep your damn trap shut knowing he has the power to make you disappear in a blink of an eye." She says rudely as she looks back

couldn't care less if the man was a hotshot assassin. I answer to nobody. This club will burn without me!" I threaten

watch as the big fucker pulls her away from the door

and he stands

He rubs the

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