Contract Marriage With Mysterious President

Chapter 48 Allison Was Coming Back

Amy was very drunk, and Hannah, too. But Hannah was better than her and was trying to help Amy get up.

Andy saw this and sent Hannah back to her room. Then he wanted to lift Amy to sleep beside Hannah.

Right at this moment, Amy’s phone rang.

Andy saw that it was Robin calling, and he didn’t want to pick up the phone, but Robin kept calling.

So he had to answer the phone.

“Madam, have you finished your dinner? I am waiting downstairs now.” Robin saw that the phone was finally answered, so he thought that it was Amy and he said immediately.

“She is drunk, and I will take her downstairs now.” Andy heard that Robin called Amy Madam, and although he didn’t know what happened, he sent Amy downstairs very gently.

“Thank you a lot. Please sent her down.” Hearing a nice male voice, Robin was surprised. Amy was drunk with a man?!

Andy lifted Amy downstairs, and he saw a luxurious black car in a distance.

Robin saw Andy lifting Amy as well, and Andy was as handsome as his master, so Robin felt nervous now. He walked to them hurriedly and lifted Amy himself.

“Thanks a lot.” Robin lifted Amy and put her into the car.

Andy didn’t say anything, and no one knew what he was thinking. Looking at the car, he felt unhappy, and the word ‘Madam’ hurt him especially.

didn’t go home. ‘What

Matt cheated on Amy, and they got a divorce

a stranger. He knew that this stranger offered money for the medical treatment of Amy’s father, and of course he also had enough money for the medical treatment. But before he had the chance

here?” After a walk, Mrs. Adams and Mr. Adams went back and saw Andy standing there silently, so they walked

time when I am free.” Andy

Andy, come and have dinner with us when you are free.

wanted him to be in charge of Baker Group, but Andy wanted to be a doctor. In order

Adams, I will come visit you if I have time. I still have


who was very drunk now. ‘Amy is so bad at

me. Don’t leave me and dad.” Amy put Richard’s hand on her


wanted to get away. But once he touched her soft breast, he was turned on. Richard hadn’t been home for

himself that it was a two-year marriage, and he married her just to stop his family from

control, and he couldn’t control

found that she was totally different from Allison. Allison was an elegant lady in all ways, but Amy, she was

coming back to her.’ He became more and more addicted to the sex with Amy, and he must stop


It was Kevin calling.

news! Allison is coming

earlier? That

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