Contract Marriage With Mysterious President

Chapter 49 Richard Caught Amy

Amy looked at the medicine soup, and she was quite thirsty now, so she reached to it and drank it all.

“It tasted good, and do you have more?” Amy wiped her mouth, and she felt better after drinking this soup-like medicine. Or she would need to ask for a leave from work today.

“Yes, I do. You can come downstairs to have more.” It was the first time that Robin had seen someone asking for more medicine.

“No problem.” Amy felt very well now, and she walked to the restroom, looking at herself from the mirror. Her face was red, the color of an apple, and she thought that she maybe had a fever.

‘No way.’ Seeing red face, everyone would think that she was still drunk. So she put a thick makeup on her face and now her face was not red anymore. But she didn’t know that she looked very pale now with her face extremely white.

After this, Amy put on a pink dress, and tied her hair into a ponytail. Now she looked very cold and strict.

She went downstairs, and Robin was frightened by her face, but he dared not to say anything, because he thought that maybe this was in fashion now. He never understood what the young people loved.

“Amy, do you still go to work today?” Robin asked carefully.

He saw that Amy couldn’t even walk straight, so he was worried about her.

“Yes. I can’t ask for one more leave now, and it’s not easy for me to get this job.” Amy said. Because of her, two people were fired, and the whole company now must be gossiping.

“That is right, and it is good for you to continue working.” Robin thought that Amy was a nice lady who had her own ambition.

After the breakfast, Amy went to work by bus on her own. As usual, she got off the bus earlier, so she could walk to HD Group.

She went into the office right on time, but very weirdly, Richard seemed to be late today.

today, and he’s always right on time. So

the office, and also made a cup of coffee for him, but he still

was bored, and she had no work to do because of Richard’s absence, so

you some snacks!” Hannah talked to

of snacks for Amy, but she couldn’t tell Amy that all these snacks were sent by Andy. Andy gave them

you, Hannah.”

I heard that Mr. Carter would not come to work today, because his ex-girlfriend was coming back from abroad. They broke up three years ago. So, Mr. Carter is going to win her back. You know, his ex-girlfriend! Maybe they are making

was coming back,

Amy.” Hannah didn’t realize

from being unhappy, and it had nothing to do with her even if Mr. Carter’s girlfriend

let’s go then. I have no work to do right now.” Amy shook

Three men versus one woman. So all men agreed

came to the Sales Department with Hannah, all the men in this department were

smelling the sweet

her something to eat, his

and Hannah were

they realized that they had such a good

Mr. Carter’s ex-girlfriend was, and Mr. Carter was a

that, Amy felt crazy. Why would she keep thinking of Mr. Carter? He was

husband hadn’t come home for a long time,

coffee was bought by Mark especially for us. And he paid a lot today!” Hannah gave a cup

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