Andy ordered some dishes and told Amy some interesting stories about her years abroad.

Those stories made Amy laughed out loud. She hadn't laughed so happily for a long time.

“Excuse me, Andy. I will be right back.” Amy suddenly felt a stomach upset, then went to the ladies’ room.

When she came out of the ladies’ room, she crashed into a man from the gents’ room. She said sorry to that man, but she immediately felt cold and weird.

The man was taller than Amy so she couldn’t see his face. He didn’t respond, but a sudden cold shiver ran down Amy’s spine. She was wondering whether the temperature was too low in the restaurant.

Amy looked up at the man. When she saw clearly his face, she was about to leave.

She reacted so quickly. However, Richard grabbed her arm in an instant. If he hadn’t caught her that fast, she would have run away.

Richard wondered what she was doing here tonight since her father was going abroad for surgery the next day. She certainly couldn’t come here alone. This restaurant looked very ordinary, but it was somewhere wealthy people often came.

“Amy, why are you here?” Richard was curious about who brought her in this restaurant.

“This is the toilet. I’m here to do whatever you do.” Amy was thinking how this president of the HD group was hovering like a ghost. She always met him wherever she was.

“By the way, Mr. Carter, it’s not working time now. I can go wherever I want. I’ll go wherever I like.” Amy tried to struggle to free herself but failed.

“That’s right. I can’t control it, but you have to work tomorrow, so maybe you should go home and get rest earlier. If you are late tomorrow, I swear I will deduct your wages.” Richard didn’t know what was wrong with him. He just felt uncomfortable watching Amy staying out.

“I know, but it’s not proper for people seeing you catch me by your hand like this, so please let go of me. I’ll go home after dinner. And Mr. Carter, you should go home earlier too. If you’re later than me tomorrow, that sounds not good, either.” Amy finally won her freedom from Richard.

Richard directly left without

strength. She rubbed her arm carefully and went

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the food was ordered by Andy but was almost eaten by

are you eating so little?” Amy found that Andy was having the

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nutrition is in the soup.”

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hands cupping her cheeks.

at him in this way, and then adorably said, “Oh

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go. It’s dark outside. You should go home now.” Andy stopped eating and wiped his mouth with a

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watched all the way as Amy went out of the restaurant and got in

always ask me to find out some strange things.”

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put you under spell? I mean, I have heard that you are very concerned about a new girl in

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