Matt carried her to a room without anyone inside, and locked the door.

Seeing Amy’s beautiful face, plump breasts and slender legs, he thought all these 3 years went in vain.

All he had focused on was to ruin Miller Group these years. And now it had gone bankrupt as expected. But Gina just kept throwing herself on him, so he had neglected his wife.

What he saw turned him on and he couldn’t help doing something more to Amy.

He bent down and kissed her cheeks, feeling her soft and smooth skin. He got so aroused.

Amy was unconsciously dreaming of her dog licking her face.

“Billie, don’t!” whispered Amy. She thought it was her dog licking her face.

Matt couldn’t stop himself. He continued kissing her body.

This woke Amy up, and she slapped on his face. When she saw the man was Matt, she started screaming.

“Amy, I know you can’t forget me. Now that you’re here for me, I will make you satisfied,” said Matt. He took off his clothes and was ready to take off Amy’s as well.

“Get out, you asshole!” Amy got completely sober, trying to escape.

for me. I can’t forget you, either. Just take off your clothes.” Matt tore her clothes open.

him. With her clothes taken off, she

into tears. Why was she

resisting, Matt took off his

the door was suddenly

with Andy and gave a heavy punch on Matt’s face. And he covered

touch me. Don’t!” Amy

handle this. I am so sorry for everything,” said

lifted Amy out of the restaurant though she was trembling. Richard just wanted to protect this little shaking

if you want,” said Richard worriedly. But she was too frightened to cry in

when they were back home. He got her a

asked, “Master, are you going to leave tonight? Amy

that weak. She’s going to be fine. Find her a doctor. I won’t come

else... Fine, he would never

She needed to wash away everything completely. Robin was worried about her. He asked a young maid to accompany her, but Amy just

Richard, but

love Amy

home. Amy didn’t go to work, either. She was quite not

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