Just as Kevin was about to get in the car, he saw Hannah and a very handsome male doctor hurriedly walking towards the clinic.

He stood at the door and fixed his tidy hair in front of the mirror.

Then, he hurriedly walked over and pretended to meet them by chance.

"What a coincidence. Are you looking for Amy?" Kevin said to Hannah.

Upon seeing him, Hannah instinctively hid behind Andy as if she were avoiding a plague.

"Andy?" Kevin looked at Andy in surprise. His attention had been focused on Hannah. He didn't even notice that the male doctor was Andy.

"Kevin, it's been a while since we met last time," Andy said to Kevin, not so warmly. They weren't close, after all.

"Indeed, it's been a while. I heard you went abroad. When did you come back? By the way, are you looking for Amy?" None of his sentences mattered to him. The point was to pick up Hannah.

"You are one of Andy's acquaintances. I thought you were a bad person!" Only then did Hannah come out from behind Andy.

Two women had thought he was a bad guy in one day. Kevin felt hurt twice.

"Of course I'm not a bad person. Andy and I are alumni. He knows me. I may not be a wonderful man, but I'm definitely not a bad person." Kevin defined himself.

Andy, though, did not comment on what he said.

"Do you know where Amy is? I heard that she was injured. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find her." Hannah acted as usual now.

the car." Kevin peeked at Hannah. She was not very beautiful, but cute enough. She was nothing like any woman he had

Can she come to work tomorrow?" As

at her. He really didn't know which question to answer first.

has given her some days off starting from tomorrow. She doesn't need to go back to work until her hands fully heal.

come to pay Amy a visit, but

after the doctor applied some

was nothing serious now, they

are free, come to my house for

I'm on

at Hannah was special. However, Andy was not worried. Kevin and he were alumni, and they grew up together. He knew Kevin only

have to

with him?" Hannah looked at Kevin with disdain, but Kevin's eyes were filled

so, she thought Andy should be

car is over there." Kevin was on cloud nine. He felt

just seeing her back could bring

opened the car door and let

where do you live?" Kevin got in the car

him the wrong address. She couldn't let him

when they arrived at No. 47, North Alley, Kevin stopped the

up yourself. I'm going home,"

surprise. He had to be a genius to

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